Live from the House Floor

    I’m on the floor of the House of Representatives. The GOP is still there and the crowds are packing the floor. If you’ve ever wanted to be on the floor of the House, now is your chance. Today, though, with RedState, we’re doing something new. Members of Congress are targeting those Democrats who say they are in favor of expanding drilling to the Outer Continental | Read More »

    GOP House Unplugged — Thursday, 7 Aug

    Hey RedState Choir! I need to stop preaching to you and start working on some letters to the editor, so please excuse the brevity of my report. Upon entering the House chamber, I expected to see a Republican pep rally. Instead, it was much more like stepping into a Normal Rockwell painting. Average Americans, in a national crisis were looking to our leadership for help. | Read More »

    Vacationing Nanny Pelosi Sends in the Clowns

    Increasing her carbon footprint hawking her little-perused and even lesser-purchased book, vacationing U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to reconvene Congress to hold a vote for lower gas prices and, instead, has issued a directive to her Politburo Palace Guard called MoveOn.Org: “Send in the Clowns!” From disparate parts unknown, Pelosi’s extremist heralds of higher gas prices descended upon my district office where – | Read More »

    Recess Revolution

    It is rare that one gets a chance to realize the historic nature of a series of events while they are still ongoing – to watch history unfold before your very eyes. But, this is one of those times. We need not look back in reflection to see how the winds of change are sweeping through America this week. With the nation more despondent with | Read More »

    What About Those Oil Companies and Their Big Profits?

    The Wall Street Journal had a pertinent piece on August 4 that bears some repeating. In it they asked “What is a ‘windfall’ profit anyway?” and provided some much needed context about the money that oil companies make. On Aug 6, Obama made an amazing policy suggestion. He said that the government should actually confiscate money from private businesses and redistribute that money, giving it | Read More »

    Republican Revolt An Energy Revolution

    REPUBLICAN REVOLT AN ENERGY REVOLUTION House Republicans continue the revolt against Speaker Pelosi and her irresponsible decision to not allow any energy legislation to come to the House floor for a vote and leave for the August recess. The revolt which began last Friday and continues today with former Speaker Newt Gingrich speaking along with many House Republicans, is to demand Congress reconvene and debate | Read More »

    Democratic Congress Done for the Year?

    A Capitol Hill source tells me that House Republicans are starting to hear that the 110th Congress may be just about done. Word is that once Democrats return to Washington in September, they may quickly complete their remaining work and then adjourn. According to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (whose job it is to oversee the legislative calendar), Democrats are planning to work until the end | Read More »

    Where is the leadership on energy?

    We appreciate the RNC Chairman stopping by the front page. — Erick In recent days, there has been much talk (and justifiably so) of Barack Obama touting tire inflation as the solution to America’s energy woes.  Republicans, together with John McCain, have been arguing for some time that a truly comprehensive approach, including more off-shore exploration, more nuclear power, and enhanced reliance on alternative energies | Read More »

    How Potent Is The “Drill Now” Message?

    Potent enough that even as Nancy Pelosi opposes it, she is compelled to tell members of the House Democratic Caucus that they can feel free to dissent from her hard line. Now that this fissure is public, it would behoove the GOP to shine a big, gleaming spotlight on it and see what it can do about emphasizing and increasing the differences between House Democrats | Read More »

    Missouri Primary Election Report Synopsis

    The Missouri Primary Election was held Tuesday, August 5th. As of 11:40PM, only a few precincts had not reported. Congressman Kenny Hulshof defeated State Treasurer Sarah Steelman in a hotly contested Republican primary. Kenny will be facing “Wrong Way” Jay Nixon in the general.

    NY-25: Meet Dan Maffei

    Last week, I wrote about Dale Sweetland, the Republican candidate for the open seat in New York’s 25th congressional district. I hope to post regularly about this race. Today, I’d like to introduce the Democrat running for this seat, Dan Maffei. For the ten years before his first run for Congress in 2006, Dan Maffei lived in Washington, D.C. He worked as a congressional aide | Read More »

    McCain Calls on Congress to Reconvene to Solve Energy Crisis

    Now, as all of us here know by now, a small group of Republicans (one certainly wishes it was bigger group) have been gathering in the House chamber since the recess to protest the decision by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to have Congress go into recess without attempt to solve the energy crisis, and if the Republican Cloakroom website is any indicator (and it | Read More »

    Your Good News/Bad News Post Of The Day

    The good news is that House Republicans continue to put pressure on the Democratic leadership to allow for a vote on offshore drilling. The bad news is that the White House is unwilling to help its Congressional allies. You know, maybe Speaker Pelosi actually would feel pressure to schedule a vote if the White House placed her in the spotlight. Too bad that it appears | Read More »

    GWB has the political instincts of a rock.

    We can thank God that the Democrats selected the most stupid people they could find for Congressional leadership positions. If Harry & Nancy were even half wits they would be looking at a 49 state sweep for BO and majorities in excess of 65% in both the House and Senate. Why? Because this President is absolutely the worst excuse for a politician ever to see | Read More »

    Rep Kenny Marchant (TX 24) on Energy: Hear, Hear!

    As a compassionate conservative, I can understand the impulse to flee steamy Washington DC in August. But the Congress should really do its job first. I am posting Rep Marchant’s letter in its entirety. Let’s Have a Vote on Real Energy Solutions As many of you have heard, the House Republican Caucus has taken over the empty House chamber in protest of Democratic House Speaker | Read More »