On Congress’s Own Kangaroo Court

    Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee held a kinda sorta almost impeachment hearing for President Bush. The atmosphere was summarized perfectly by one witness:”I am really astonished at the mood in this room,” commented one witness, George Mason University School of Law professor Jeremy Rabkin.”The tone of these deliberations is slightly demented,” Rabkin said. “You should all remind yourselves that the rest of the country is | Read More »

    Sanity Is Absent In The House

    Back during the 2006 elections, Democrats complained that Republicans would not allow them to bring issues near and dear to the hearts to the floor of the House for a vote and promised that if they took the majority, they would show the grace and kindness to the minority that Republicans never showed them.We see with the current debate over offshore drilling that such promises | Read More »

    545 People

    *545 People *By Charlie ReesePoliticians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, we have deficits?

    Democrats Revive the K Street Project

    One of the Democrats’ signature promises when they campaigned for control of Congress in 2006 was to end the ‘K Street Project.’ That was the term for the pressure put on lobbyists after the 1994 elections to hire more Republicans. As Kimberly Strassel points out, the K Street Project is back, and it’s gone from red to blue:


    It is being played. About the only thing that needs to be added to the mix is increased publicity concerning the actions of Senate Republicans, along with questions on why Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats won’t allow for offshore drilling to take place in light of the tremendous gas price increase the country has experienced. If those questions are asked insistently, Republicans will gain | Read More »

    Is it 57 states or 51 states?

    The leaders of the reality based community just can’t seem to get a grip on reality. Obama thinks there are 57 states and now House Majority leader Steny Hoyer thinks there are 51 states. From Hoyer’s Office comes this: House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) issued the following statement today after 51 state governors released a letter calling for the extension of renewable energy | Read More »

    Cantor for VP?

    If John McCain really wants to squash any ‘bounce’ that Barack Obama receives from his Middle East trip, then he’ll actually announce his vice presidential selection this week. But if all he wants to do is throw up some dust while saving his announcement for later (which Jim Geraghty suggests is what’s happening), he couldn’t do a much better job than he’s doing now.In the | Read More »

    NH Senate/Congress Polls (Good News)

    After trailing in polls for a year, Republican Sen. John Sununu has pulled close to even with Democratic challenger Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate race, according to a new University of New Hampshire poll.Shaheen, a former three-term governor who lost to Sununu in the 2002 Senate election, led by 12 points in the last UNH poll in the race, in April.The latest telephone | Read More »

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    Democrats Boxed-in on Drilling

    Roll Call points out that the statutory ban on coastal oil drilling expires on September 30, and that Republicans are expecting Democrats to use a parliamentary maneuver to prevent an up-or-down vote on the ban. But even if Pelosi and Reid succeed in passing an extension of the moratorium without giving Republicans a chance to defeat it, the President still has to sign the bill. | Read More »

    The Senate’s Integrity Is at Stake

    For more than 219 years, the U.S. Senate has earned a reputation as the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” But in the year-and-a-half since Democrat Harry Reid took over as majority leader, the body has taken on a new role — one that substitutes debate and deliberation for politics and expediency.The latest threat comes in the form of what conservatives have dubbed “Reid’s Monkey Pork Bill.” | Read More »

    The debate we must have.

    Some months ago we learned something that should have surprised no one — at least no one in the least bit familiar with the stultifying intellectual paralysis that afflicts much of the Republic on the subject of Islam. We learned that various federal agencies, including Homeland Security, are expressly resisting the use of descriptive terminology — “jihadist,” “Islamic terrorist,” “Islamist,” etc. The reasoning here is | Read More »

    Congress must stop using the family budget as a laboratory for experimental energy policies

    Last week, I blogged on this site about how the earth-first-istas and their limousine liberal allies in the Democrat party are hurting the true environmentalists; those whose livelihood depends on the land itself. I argued that these pseudo-environmentalists are happy to drive up the cost of energy while they arrogantly believe that Americans can simply “drive less and pay more” but they have offered no | Read More »

    Measured Steps to Ease Housing Crisis

    The housing crisis is eroding the confidence of our nation’s homeowners, financial institutions, and investors at an accelerating rate. Americans are growing anxious that the equity they’ve paid into their homes may not provide the financial security that home ownership once guaranteed. Worst of all, nearly 1.9 million borrowers across the nation – more than 50,000 of them in Texas – who have filed for | Read More »

    O’Reilly puts Rep. Robert Wexler on the hot seat over residency

    On the Bill O’Reilly Show tonight, there was a segment on Rep. Robert Wexler (D-[allegedly] 19). Wexler’s Republican opponent Edward Lynch did some research and discovered the Democrat is fulfilling his residency requirement by residing at his mother-in-law’s home, one in what The Palm Beach Post describes as a “55-and-older-community.” His wife and children live in Rockville, MD. where the kids attend a Jewish Day | Read More »

    We Need to Expand Our Energy Choices

    Note from the Directors: Congressman Bishop will stop by this evening to participate in the conversation in the comment thread to this post. We’re glad we can welcome him into the blogosphere today.Thanks, RedState, for allowing me to occupy a little bit of your valuable e-estate. This is my first real foray into the blogosphere. Since I’m new at this, please, be gentle.As someone who | Read More »