Leadership: It starts with taking responsibility

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was recently interviewed by CNN. She gave her views on the War in Iraq, President Bush, and the lowest ever approval ratings for Congress. What stood out more than anything else to me, was that she was completely incapable of taking responsibility for anything. Let’s start with her view of President Bush.God bless him, bless his heart, president of | Read More »

    High Gas Prices Are No Accident

    Congratulations to RedState on their 4th anniversary of providing informed, conservative commentary on all the issues that confront our country. I’m pleased to join many of my GOP colleagues to help launch RedState 3.0 and thought I’d use this opportunity today to post on the number one domestic concern of Americans across the country – high gas prices.For decades, many Washington Democrats have embarked on | Read More »

    Congress Must Act

    Happy 4th Birthday RedState—and Congratulations on yet another successful launch! I am confident that RedState 3.0 will continue to offer readers factual and relevant information about the important issues facing all of us. Thanks to everyone who works to make this site great! We all know that high gas prices are hurting American families and are the single biggest obstacle to economic growth today. Gas | Read More »

    Dear Red State- Congressional Race Anxiety Syndrome

    Dear Red State is an advice column for the politically perplexed. We are inclusive, compassionate conservatives, so feel free to differ. After all, the questioner is getting what he/she paid for!Dear Red State:I am feeling very depressed about our Congressional prospects in 2008. Everyone says the GOP is inevitably going to have major losses. This will give Speaker Pelosi and her associates more power than | Read More »

    On Nancy Pelosi’s And Harry Reid’s Congress

    It continues to be less popular than George W. Bush.

    Congress hits a record low, Senator Orrin Hatch writes a ballad for Kennedy

    Congressional Approval Hits Record-Low 14% PRINCETON, NJ — Congress’ job approval rating has dropped five percentage points over the past month, from 19% in June to 14% in July, making the current reading the lowest congressional job approval rating in the 34-year Gallup Poll history of asking the question. The previous low was 18%, last reached in May.What are those clueless clowns doing these days?Across | Read More »

    The Fight for Energy: Those Who “Protect” The Environment vs. Those Who Depend On It.

    It is a great honor to represent the scenic stretch of Tennessee from Clarksville to Nashville, to Memphis. Anchored by Tennessee’s great metropolitan centers, the heart of my district is the rural engine of Tennessee’s economy and home to the men and women who work the land every day. These are the true environmentalists and conservationists, those for whom clean air and clean water isn’t | Read More »

    Our Apologies Mrs. Clinton

    Well we must apologize…Tonight on Patriot Action Live we wanted to take at least one half of the Hillary Clinton Challenge. On Saturday, appearing before the American Federation of Teachers, New York’s Junior Senator, one time First Lady, and one time Democratic Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton, the candidate that proved it was not only possible to squander a huge lead over her rival, Illinois Senator | Read More »

    RedState, Blogs and Some Healthy Debate

    Anyone who reads RedState on a regular basis knows by now that the contributors who lend content to the site aren’t shills for Republicans in Congress. And it’s that dogged independence that gives so much credibility to the conservative blogosphere — credibility that simply doesn’t exist on the left, where blogs like the Puffington Host [sic.] and Daily Kos serve as a bulletin board for | Read More »

    CA Congressional Run-Down

    I thought that I would create an 11-part series of information on all 53 congressional districts within the state of California. I will look at who the incumbent is, their ACU Rating* and the rating that CQ Politics gives the district, as well as information regarding how the district has voted in the past two Congressional and Presidential Elections, as well as the geography of | Read More »

    Paging Congressman Ted Poe

    Sir, I have played this clip on a local radio show and the response from the audience has been amazing. This, I venture to say, is one of the greatest speeches ever made on the floor of the House. It is humorous, pointed, and effectively demonstrates the sheer absurdity of the rules.PS – Overwhelmingly the callers to my radio show do want you to drop | Read More »

    The War on the Poor

    Energy is the creator of economic opportunities. Push energy prices up and everyone suffers. But who gets hurt first? The poor and disadvantaged. High energy prices make poor families pay even larger chunks of their meager incomes for energy. In fact, high utility bills are a leading cause of homelessness.While Washington plays politics with American energy supplies, people are hurting – and the poor are | Read More »

    Let the Free Market Produce More Energy

    I want to begin by congratulating the entire RedState team on a great looking new version of the site, and by wishing them a happy 4th birthday.President Bush has taken an important step to lower gas prices. But now Congress needs to get out of the way and let the free market produce more energy.The U.S. is the only country in the world that refuses to develop | Read More »

    President Calls Democrats’ Bluff on Offshore Drilling

    The Democrats are truly panicked and would no doubt be even more panicked if John McCain more vocally got on the GOP bandwagon over ANWR and drilling.Today, President Bush called the Democrats’ bluff on energy and the response was both predictable and telling.See here.peaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the move a “hoax,” while House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said, “It’s clear [the president] wants | Read More »

    We must boost domestic energy production now

    I hope that Speaker Pelosi’s recent letter to President Bush urging him to draw down oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve signals her recognition that the solution to today’s high energy prices is to increase supply in the market. Possibly she realizes that supply really does affect the price consumers pay at the pump, and that would be progress, but I don’t share her optimism | Read More »