Go West America!

    Down here in Florida we have a congressional race that epitomizes the battle in the fight to take back America.  Ron Klein is the Democrat incumbant in C.D. 22.  District 22 is a sliver of land that runs from Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) to the Palm Beach County line.  Ron Klein has held this seat for four years after defeating Republicam moderate E.Clay Shaw.  Shaw | Read More »

    Scaturro takes on McCarthy in NY-4

    From 1953 through 1996, New York’s Fourth Congressional District, in suburban Nassau County on Long Island, was a Republican stronghold.  However, in 1992 Bill Clinton carried the district in the Presidential race in a Democratic breakthrough.  In 1994 Dan Frisa, a conservative Republican, defeated one-term moderate Republican David Levy in a primary challenge, but then held the seat with just 50.2% of the vote in the general | Read More »