NRSC’s First Shot At Dodd A Dud

    I get the St. Patrick’s Day connection and all, but this ad is pretty weak. It looks like a high school student put it together when they should have been paying attention in class. The Irish accent is atrocious and I think Dodd has involved himself in too many scandals to cram them all into one commercial. It is dizzying! I hope Simmons and company | Read More »

    A special St. Patrick’s Day message for Dodd, from the NRSC.

    It takes a lot for me to admit to the existence of St. Patrick’s Day; like virtually everybody else who can legitimately claim full-blooded Irish descent (15/16ths, in my case), I despise this holiday. Drunken non-Celtic buffoons with bad accents vomiting all over the place doesn’t appeal*. So, it requires something special to get me to even acknowledge the iconography. This’ll do:

    Off The Wire: Rob Simmons Edition

    Rob Simmons got a fair share of press today, despite the late-night, email-only announcement of his candidacy. Coverage from today of Simmons’ announcement can be found at: CT Local Politics The Hill Washington Post Politico ConnPoliticsTV Swing State Project Senatus Instapundit American Spectator DailyKos

    Dragging Dodd Downe?

    On Face the State Sunday, Chris Dodd talked with host Dennis House (who returned to Dodd’s ethical problems repeatedly throughout the interview) about his relationship with his good friend Edward Downe, Jr. As you may recall, Downe was Dodd’s real estate partner on a DC condo in the mid-80’s, and he helped facilitate the partnership that resulted in his purchase eight years later of the | Read More »

    It’s Official: Rob Simmons To Challenge Dodd

    As reported by the Hartford Courant, Rob Simmons has officially announced his intention to challenge Chris Dodd for his senate seat in 2010. Via an email to the AP, Simmons said that after meeting with family and friends today, he received unanimous support and made the decision. I have said Simmons is probably in the best position to challenge Dodd of those whose names have | Read More »

    The first step in Lieberman’s reunion with the Democrats.

    Not that he was ever really gone, but the formalities must be observed. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said running as a Democrat is up to Lieberman, noting he has not yet had any talks with him about doing so. But Durbin said Lieberman this year has lived up to his promise to be a loyal and reliable vote on Democratic priorities. “I will | Read More »

    Simmons And Dodd On Sunday Morning Talk Shows

    Set your Tivos for tomorrow morning for info on Connecticut’s senate seat up for grabs in 2010. The Real Story, Fox 61 at 8:30 am: Host Shelly Sindland will have Dodd-challenger and former-Congressman Rob Simmons. Perhaps he will announce his run? He had said earlier he thought he’d decide by the Ides of March. Face the State, WFSB 3 at 11:00 am: Host Dennis House | Read More »

    Off The Wire: Kevin Rennie On Dodd, The Q-Poll, Joe And Chris Friends Again And More

    Unfortunately for me, I am back in the United States, though I haven’t made it back to Connecticut yet. I picked a less-than-optimal time to be away, and feel like I missed a lot. I have done my best in the short time I have had to put together some links that may be of interest from the past week. There are a lot of | Read More »

    State of Connecticut moves to take over finances of Catholic churches.

      Cross posted at:   State of Connecticut moves to take over finances of Catholic churches. That’s correct – a bill introduced by Connecticut House of Representatives Andrew McDonald and Michael Lawlor is now a hot topic among Catholics. It should also make the rounds of every church in the country. The Connecticut Post’s full story is linked here.  They report: Saying it would | Read More »

    Democrats attempt to take control of Connecticut Catholic Church.

    Chris Dodd must be annoying people all over Connecticut. The paper didn’t even try to hide political affiliations for this one: After a priest stole $1.4 million from a church in Darien, state legislators have proposed a law that would regulate how parishes are controlled and operated. The state’s Catholic bishops rallied opposition from the pulpits at weekend Masses. The law essentially would strip the | Read More »

    Why I Won’t Worry About Chris Dodd This Week

    That picture is where I will be for most of the next week. I will be without a computer, so posting will be light, sporadic or non-existent. Hopefully I don’t miss too much, though Simmons may make an announcement before I am back on-line. In any event, soon after I return I plan to transition from  [Blogger] to a more attractive and easier to use | Read More »

    Chris Dodd On What’s For Dinner

    I wrote about Chris Dodd’s short-sighted, politically motivated last-minute inclusion of executive compensation limitations into the TARP bill here last month, but check out American Thinker for a post on yesterdays article in Fortune magazine. An excerpt: Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, beneficiary of nepotism (his father was a beloved Senator from Connecticut), sweetheart mortgage deals, and the number one beneficiary of Wall Street donations – | Read More »

    Are Connecticut Democrats Hoping For A Dodd Retirement?

    The Yale Daily News has a look at Dodd’s prospects for 2010, including the perspective of another Democrat who will be campaigning at the same time. By all accounts, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd is vulnerable. With 20 months until he is up for re-election, Dodd has yet to announce whether he will seek another term. And the five-term senator’s prospects are by no means positive | Read More »

    What Kudlow Would Have To Overcome

    I received some negative feedback to the suggestion that Larry Kudlow would bring some baggage to a senate race against Chris Dodd, some going as far as suggesting Kudlow has no baggage whatsoever. I do not know much about the man, but the baggage of which I wrote is all available in the public domain. First there is his history of alcohol and drug abuse, | Read More »

    Larry Kudlow To Challenge Dodd?

    Add Larry Kudlow’s name to the list of those considering competing to be the Republican nominee to challenge Chris Dodd in 2010. Reports at National Review Online, CommentaryMagazine, Wizbang, CT Local Politics, The Huffington Riposte, etc. From the NRO Post: Republicans in Washington think they may have found their man to pick up a Senate seat in Connecticut in 2010: Larry Kudlow, the former Reagan | Read More »