Democrats attempt to take control of Connecticut Catholic Church.

    Chris Dodd must be annoying people all over Connecticut. The paper didn’t even try to hide political affiliations for this one: After a priest stole $1.4 million from a church in Darien, state legislators have proposed a law that would regulate how parishes are controlled and operated. The state’s Catholic bishops rallied opposition from the pulpits at weekend Masses. The law essentially would strip the | Read More »

    Why I Won’t Worry About Chris Dodd This Week

    That picture is where I will be for most of the next week. I will be without a computer, so posting will be light, sporadic or non-existent. Hopefully I don’t miss too much, though Simmons may make an announcement before I am back on-line. In any event, soon after I return I plan to transition from  [Blogger] to a more attractive and easier to use | Read More »

    Chris Dodd On What’s For Dinner

    I wrote about Chris Dodd’s short-sighted, politically motivated last-minute inclusion of executive compensation limitations into the TARP bill here last month, but check out American Thinker for a post on yesterdays article in Fortune magazine. An excerpt: Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, beneficiary of nepotism (his father was a beloved Senator from Connecticut), sweetheart mortgage deals, and the number one beneficiary of Wall Street donations – | Read More »

    Are Connecticut Democrats Hoping For A Dodd Retirement?

    The Yale Daily News has a look at Dodd’s prospects for 2010, including the perspective of another Democrat who will be campaigning at the same time. By all accounts, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd is vulnerable. With 20 months until he is up for re-election, Dodd has yet to announce whether he will seek another term. And the five-term senator’s prospects are by no means positive | Read More »

    What Kudlow Would Have To Overcome

    I received some negative feedback to the suggestion that Larry Kudlow would bring some baggage to a senate race against Chris Dodd, some going as far as suggesting Kudlow has no baggage whatsoever. I do not know much about the man, but the baggage of which I wrote is all available in the public domain. First there is his history of alcohol and drug abuse, | Read More »

    Larry Kudlow To Challenge Dodd?

    Add Larry Kudlow’s name to the list of those considering competing to be the Republican nominee to challenge Chris Dodd in 2010. Reports at National Review Online, CommentaryMagazine, Wizbang, CT Local Politics, The Huffington Riposte, etc. From the NRO Post: Republicans in Washington think they may have found their man to pick up a Senate seat in Connecticut in 2010: Larry Kudlow, the former Reagan | Read More »

    Dodd Just Doesn’t Get It

    An article from a Maryland area ABC affiliate, WMDT-TV, quotes Sen. Dodd making the following incredible analogy: Banking Committee Chair Senator Chris Dodd says, “We don’t blame the patient when the doctor fails to tell them, that they might not survive the surgery. Why should we blame the home owners in many ways.” Is it any wonder we are in such trouble when one of | Read More »

    Off The Wire: Dodd, Arthur Andersen, And More On His Irish Cottage

    Instapundit links to an article from Jewish World Review in January, 2002, highlighting questionable associations Chris Dodd had tied to Arthur Anderson and the Enron collapse. In light of this same type of behavior with Countrywide and others in more recent times, a pattern seems to be appearing. While many candidates of both parties have received campaign contributions from Enron and its self-serving “independent auditor” | Read More »

    Dodd Apologizes For Nationalization Comments

    After seeing the resulting damage and recovering from his inexplicable shock at the reaction they elicited, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Chris Dodd apologized yesterday for his foolish and ill-timed comments suggesting that U.S. banks may be nationalized. From the L.A. Times: Sen. Chris Dodd is apologizing today for his comments Friday suggesting that it might be necessary to nationalize banks for a short | Read More »

    Secret US Plan To Destroy Ukrainian Economy Disclosed

    How else can you explain this? WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Senator Christopher J. Dodd is scheduled to give the keynote speech at a breakfast forum hosted by the Ukrainian Foundation for Effective Governance (FEG) and The Hill, on February 24in Washington, D.C., announced Nataliya Izosimova, Managing Director of FEG. [snip] “The event, focusing on ‘Building a Strong Economy for the Real Ukraine,’ will further | Read More »

    Dodd’s Friday Meeting On How To Spin His Scandals? Opinions Solicited On Twitter

    I was poking around on TweetDeck this afternoon when I saw the following two Tweets in my “Search: Dodd” window: [ ] Sen Chris Dodd. Popularity declining amidst Countrywide scandalMeeting Friday w staff to brainstorm Any ideas to help spin this? Suggestion on how to reestablish Chris Dodd’s popularity after recent Countrywide scandal? Brainstorm session with his team on Friday. Help! I replied, suggesting he | Read More »

    We’re Running Out Of Shoes To Drop On Chris Dodd

    Chris Dodd has to be ecstatic that February is almost over. The month that began with the sham “release” of his oft-questioned Countrywide mortgage records is now ending (hopefully for him) with Kevin Rennie’s piece in the Hartford Courant about an earlier questionable real estate deal. This particular scandal allegedly begins with Dodd going in on an Irish cottage, continues with him working the President | Read More »

    Hartford Business Journal on the Republican Resurrection In Connecticut

    In the Hartford Business Journal tomorrow, Dean Pagani looks at the changing political landscape in Connecticut for the 2010 elections. For the first time in a long time, there are Republicans thinking about waging statewide campaigns, not only because they think they have a shot at winning but to position themselves for future campaigns. That’s a healthy approach if the party ever hopes to be | Read More »

    Senator Sinks Stocks With Statement, Seems Stunned

    Yesterday, when asked about the nationalization of banks in an interview with Bloomberg, Senator Chris Dodd said that he is “concerned that we may end up having to do that, at least for a short time.” The foolishness of Dodd, the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, talking publicly about nationalizing the banks while the industry is teetering on the brink is readily apparent to | Read More »

    Off The Wire: More Reasons To Vote Dodd Out

    I’ve been pretty sick with the flu (guess that flu shot wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be) since Wednesday, but I am trying to keep on top of things. Who would have known when I started this blog the day after the election that Dodd would provide so much material? Anyway, a few items that caught my interest in the few minutes I was | Read More »