Foley Announces He Too Will Challenge Dodd

    Former Ambassador to Ireland Thomas Foley announced today that he too will challenge Chris Dodd for the Connecticut Senate seat, making three announced Republicans already lined up for a 2010 primary. Politico, the Hartford Courant and Capitol Watch have more information. Foley has a website that can be found here. Cross-posted at The Artful Doddger.

    Chris Dodd’s Lack Of Empathy

    Connecticut has been host to a number of cases in Supreme Court history that have had a profound impact on the legal landscape of our country, such as Griswold v. Connecticut, and more recently, Kelo v. City of New London. Over the past few weeks, as most Connecticut residents have noticed, the Constitution State is again at the center of the legal universe, this time | Read More »

    CT Dems Encourage Chris Dodd to Quit

    The Connecticut State Senate is rushing through legislation to strip (Republican) Governor Jodi Rell of her power to appoint a successor to Senator Chris Dodd, if he should resign his office: In another controversial bill, the Senate Democrats voted early Friday morning to remove Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s power to appoint a U.S. Senator in case of a vacancy. Instead, there would be a | Read More »

    Another Q-Poll, More Bad News For Dodd

    Quinnipiac University released their latest poll at 6:30 this morning, and ultimately it is more bad news for Chris Dodd. At first glance there appears some reason for hope on Dodd’s part, but I don’t think the results should make him feel any better. The poll was conducted between May 20-25, when Dodd was getting free play on every network for his credit card legislation | Read More »

    Dodd On Sotomayor

    I love reading and writing about the politics of the Supreme Court and the nomination/confirmation process. I hope to have the time to write on it with some frequency in the coming months. I will try to do so without losing sight of the fact that this is a blog about Chris Dodd. With that in mind, here is what Chris Dodd had to say | Read More »

    Room For One More? Schiff Leaning Toward Challenging For CT-Sen

    According to this report at The Plum Line, Peter Schiff is more likely than not to jump into the race for senate in Connecticut. Peter Schiff, a Connecticut-based brokerage firm owner who has been widely hailed for predicting the U.S. financial meltdown, says he’s “leaning towards” challenging Chris Dodd’s reelection next year, a move that could make the contest a nationally watched media event. “It’s | Read More »

    Peter Schiff considers Senate run against Chris Dodd

    Peter Schiff, a capital fund manager from Connecticut, is considering taking on Chris Dodd in the 2010 Senate race. Schiff has received credit for correctly predicting the recession and would provide a sharp contrast against Dodd who was sleeping at the wheel as Senate Chairman of the Banking Committee when the financial crisis unfolded. Schiff, for whom a draft effort is up at, is | Read More »

    Another Primary Challenger For Dodd Is Good For Republicans

    Colchester native and Democrat Merrick Alpert announced today his intention to challenge Chris Dodd for the Senate  in 2010. His website can be found here, and he got a coverage both nationally and locally, including from the Boston Globe, National Review Online, The Day, Politico, The Hill, CT Local Politics, and ConnPoliticsTV. Alpert seems to have already created a stir amongst Democrats in the state. | Read More »

    “Done With Dodd” Rally Tomorrow In Hartford

    Connecticut Resistance is sponsoring a “Done With Dodd” rally Saturday, May 16 (TOMORROW!) from 12pm – 3pm at Dodd’s office at 30 Lewis Street in Hartford. The fine folks at the Official Connecticut Tea Party website are promoting it, as well. I am out of state for the weekend, but I hope it draws well and gets some media coverage. Cross-posted at The Artful Doddger.

    Chris Dodd Picks Up Key Endorsement … From Tehran

    Chris Dodd’s support of criminal investigations into legal research he finds disagreeable got some favorable coverage from PressTV, a “news” organization funded by the Iranian government. The article describes how Dodd “ridiculed,” “rejected,” “criticized” and “contradicted” Obama for his backing away from the idea of investigations after releasing the “torture memos” from Bush’s OLC. While he has support for his foolish proposal from a Tehran-backed | Read More »

    Someone’s Been Waterboarding Chris Dodd With Kool-Aid

    Perhaps he was playing to the crowd of lefties he was performing for. Perhaps he thought it would help his floundering poll numbers. Or, most disturbing of all, perhaps he actually believes his analogy is apropos. In any event, Chris Dodd on Sunday defended the ridiculous notion of criminal prosecutions for those who authorized waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques that were indisputably applied to | Read More »

    Chris Dodd (D-CT) thinks that you’re all a bunch of Nazis.

    Because you can tell the difference between pouring water on a towel held over the mouth of three separate individuals (and under very carefully controlled conditions), and sending 17 million people to the gas chamber*. (H/T: Melissa Clouthier) But, do you know something? Don’t get mad. Get even. More here. Moe Lane *For the record: this comment does not mean that I deny you your | Read More »

    Chris Dodd Dismisses Another Budding Scandal

    Promoted by Mark Impomeni This morning’s Sunday Courant brought with it more questions about the benefits Chris Dodd’s powerful position as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee bring him, though this time the benefits are a half-step removed. Over the past year, much has been made of the special treatment and sweetheart mortgage deals Dodd received from his friend, Angelo Mozilo, at Countrywide. Questions have | Read More »

    A Reminder Why Beating Dodd Matters: Souter Reportedly To Retire From SCOTUS After This Term

    NPR reports that Justice David Souter has advised the White House of his intention to retire from the Supreme Court following the current term. With all the recent US Senate developments, from the self-serving defection of Arlen Specter to Sen. Bunning’s reported retirement to Minnesota’s ever-more apparent election of an idiot, the stakes could not be higher. It will be terribly difficult for Republicans to | Read More »

    4:1 Odds On “Friend Of Dodd” Indictment

    Portfolio magazine put together a list of the most likely former CEO’s to end up getting indicted, and the list included none other than Countrywide’s Anthony Mozilo, the now-infamous Friend of Dodd who curried favor with numerous politicians by providing them VIP deals on mortgages. Angelo Mozilo, Former CEO, Countrywide Legal issue: The company faced predatory lending charges from about 11 state attorneys general. Mozilo | Read More »