A Coherent Energy Policy: Conservation?

    Many on the Left, including Obama, seem to believe that conservation efforts are a major part of the solution. As part of this effort, the government has mandated that we use use 8 billion gallons of corn ethanol blended into gasoline by the end of this year. Obviously, corn farmers and their representatives are very happy about this. The government is so convinced that ethanol | Read More »

    Republicans are the greatest protectors of the environment!~

    Yes it is true no matter how the left tries to tell you different. See protecting the environment is not accomplished by bleeding heart, unscientific, trillion dollar, unattainable BS. It is done through reachable goals accomplished by the normal citizen. I own 72 acres in the lowlands of SC where I am able to hunt everything from duck to wild hogs, turkey to deer. I | Read More »

    Quixotic Quests and Questions

    On the way home today, I was able to observe an electrical company erecting huge metal power poles along the freeway. They’ve been at it for awhile, apparently hooking up a gas-fired generating station about 50 miles away in the East to somewhere to the West of me. I had thought, and still wonder, that they were to hook up to a solar panel station | Read More »

    Papa Was A Conservative

    One of my grandsons and two of my granddaughters came to spend the night with us recently. My ten-year-old-grandson was barely out of the car before he told me that his teacher had been telling his fifth grade class that Obama would be good for the country and that he was for Obama. I laughed and told him to get back in the car and | Read More »