Is Palin Taking a Cue from UK Conservatives?

    David Cameron is one of the sharpest politicians in the world, he has managed to broaden the Conservative Party in the UK without abandoning Thatcherism. He has embraced being “green” without embracing leftist socialist environmental policies. The UK Conservative Party is considered the “greener” party of the two major parties. They’re also percieved to have a better grasp of the issues facing every day Non-Londoner | Read More »

    Bill Kristol Announces the Death of Conservatism

    Are any of you surprised by this? Seriously. I knew the moment I found out he was having dinner with Obama that this would happen. A batted eye lash, a smile, and a shared meal gets you pretty damn far with Bill Kristol. Never mind that despite posing as a conservative for years, Kristol has been anything but a real conservative. If Reagan’s policies had | Read More »

    The Conservative Challenge – Part 1

    With the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States, conservatives must ask: What is our future? Why does Obama have such a large majority in the House and Senate, and why are increasing numbers of states dominated by the Democrat party?   First it is important to remember that conservatives nationally have faced this problem before. In January 1977, two-and-a-half | Read More »

    What is Marriage, Really?

    Tradition does not come from nothing. It distills the experience and wisdom of generation upon generation of human lives. The first man and woman lived their life in a natural way. They first behaved in instinctive ways and modified their behavior based on the results of their actions until they assembled a coherent way of living. Their children imitated their way of living, as children | Read More »

    MI Morning Update – Left, Right, or Center Can Conservatism Win?

    666 Days until Election Day January 12, 2009   QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The biggest disappointment in the political process, that’s been this kind of bitterness by a few people to the point where they don’t want to have a logical discussion or a civil discussion about policy. They just want to tear you down." President George W. Bush MORNING UPDATE: RIGHT, LEFT OR CENTER…CAN | Read More »

    Notes From a Bygone Era

    This morning my father mentioned a 1957 Chevy. He was talking about what an interesting car it was, and how it was such a landmark in American automotive history, and for at least an hour, I didn’t really understand what he was referring to, because I was confused between the object and the context: it wasn’t the car itself, the sheetmetal, the engine and the | Read More »

    It’s Our Time in 2009

    First, may I wish everyone a blessed and safe new year. Second, Let’s put 2008 in our rear view mirror, but not forget the lessons learned for us as conservatives and Republicans. Third, Let’s look to 2009 as a time to rebuild the party leadership in the mold of Goldwater and Reagan, not of moderates and bipartisanship. I’m currently reading “A Glorious Disaster” by Middendorf, | Read More »

    Cruel Conservatism

    Fox News reports: A former student at the Rhode Island College School of Social Work is suing the school and several of his professors for discrimination, saying he was persecuted by the school’s “liberal political machine” for being a conservative. William Felkner, 45, says the New England college and six professors wouldn’t approve his final project on welfare reform because he was on the “wrong” | Read More »

    Conservatism Without “Cliques”

    We need to be conservative Republicans, not segregating ourselves into little High-School type cliques. We have the winning strategy for elections & governance: Strong National Defense Fiscal Responsibility Limited Government Conservative Social Values Standing alone, these are winning issues. Together, they are almost invincible. We have the watershed victories of 1980 & 1994 as evidence of what happens when Republicans run as total conservatives, expousing | Read More »

    A Message for Progressive Republicans

    For those of you who want the Republican party to become a “progressive” party, and by that I mean a party that endeavors to incrementally increase the power and reach of the government ever more, until finally we live in dependency on the government that supplies all our needs, then I submit you should join the Democrats.

    Read More »

    Ponnuru, Elite Republican Media All Wet

    In a column called ‘After the Election, Rebooting the Right’, senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru of *National Review *magazine sounds not like a descendant of NR founder and conservative godfather William F. Buckley but more like a child of Republicrat Arnold Schwarzenegger Shriver. This is what has happened with all the elite East Coast Media Republicans like Ponnuru, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard *and David | Read More »

    Relentless: The Ten Year Campaign

    One thing Republicans should have learned from the last sixteen years is when campaigning stops it is as good as surrendering to the Democrats. I just hope that the next time we Republicans grab the big brass ring our President realizes the two years of campaigning that just ended isn’t enough, and he or she will have to campaign for eight more years. Two years | Read More »

    Let’s have a moratorium on the blame game

    Really the calls for and against a circular firing squad or lynch mob as it may be have got me to thinking. We really should stop our witch hunt and get down to the brass tacks of what we have left, and how we can better utilize our shrinking power. As conservatives we always say that we never depend on Washington, well, here is our | Read More »

    Michael Steele Thanks those who signed his support Michael Steele campaign…

    This is the kind of Conservative Leader WE need to get this Party back on track I cannot stress enough that if you support Michael or someone else who has thrown their hat in the ring for RNC Chairman that you call your local RNC Chairman and Committeman and woman to tell them so. This is the first step in the process of having a | Read More »

    Beware the “Conservatism wasn’t on the ballot” security blanket.

    There is nothing more counterproductive than ignoring how you got in a mess, assuming you want to remove yourself from the mess. And make no mistake about it, folks. We are in a mess. I’ve heard some conservatives say the exact opposite, of course. Foremost in my mind is Rush Limbaugh. Since the election I’ve heard him say many times that conservatism was not on | Read More »