House Republicans Stand Firm, Vote Against Porkulus; Bill Passes House – UPDATE

    Here’s the roll, 246-183. Every Republican that voted went against it (176; 2 didn’t vote). A big thank you from me to John Boehner and Eric Cantor for lining up against this travesty, along with every other Republican (Rep. Price, Rep. Shaddeg, etc.) who presented the American people with all the ethically questionable activity by the Democrats in getting this bill passed, and for standing | Read More »

    Gingrich is only stating the obvious … but obviously the GOP is deaf

    I ran across the following essay by New Gingrich in the February 11, 2009 issue of The Washington Times. It offers a very succinct yet practical — and in my opinion, except for a lack of mention of the social issues, a very correct view — of Where Does the Conservative Movement Go from here? His advise basically is summed up in three steps he | Read More »

    OPEN THREAD: Happy 98th President Reagan!!

    Where are you when we need you? Your TRUE Hope and Optimism and Conservative message live on!

    Safe, Independent, and Free

    Never a day goes by that another commentator does not fill our ears with prophesies of doom and gloom for the future of our nation and our party.  They look at the mess we’re in and just throw their hands in the air and say “I guess the government’s going to have to bail us out.”  They look at the election returns and say that | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Conservatives

    Dear Fellow Conservative: Election Day 2008 produced a liberal governing majority that no one envisioned even as little as two years ago. The Democrats control both chambers of Congress as well as the Presidency. And while they are motivated by politics rather than solutions, Americans perceive them as the true agents of change and reform. Buried within election data is troubling news. The Republican Party | Read More »

    The New Contract

    In 1994, Newt Gingrich and House Republicans offered the voters of the United States the “Contract with America.”  After the Democratic Congress and President Clinton over-played their political hand in 1993-94, Republicans were swept into power in Washington.  This success lasted at least until 2003, when the “Bush Tax-Cuts” were enacted, but when the growth of government began with earnest. The Contract with America promised | Read More »

    Sarah Palin in the eye of the beholder

    Since the debut of SarahPAC yesterday, there’s been renewed speculation that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin intends to make a run for the White House, perhaps as early as 2012. If such a run is indeed in the cards, where will the pundits place her on the political spectrum? The answer to that question depends on which pundit you choose to believe.

    Bill Kristol Announces the Death of Conservatism

    Are any of you surprised by this? Seriously. I knew the moment I found out he was having dinner with Obama that this would happen. A batted eye lash, a smile, and a shared meal gets you pretty damn far with Bill Kristol. Never mind that despite posing as a conservative for years, Kristol has been anything but a real conservative. If Reagan’s policies had | Read More »

    The Conservative Challenge – Part 1

    With the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States, conservatives must ask: What is our future? Why does Obama have such a large majority in the House and Senate, and why are increasing numbers of states dominated by the Democrat party?   First it is important to remember that conservatives nationally have faced this problem before. In January 1977, two-and-a-half | Read More »

    What is Marriage, Really?

    Tradition does not come from nothing. It distills the experience and wisdom of generation upon generation of human lives. The first man and woman lived their life in a natural way. They first behaved in instinctive ways and modified their behavior based on the results of their actions until they assembled a coherent way of living. Their children imitated their way of living, as children | Read More »

    MI Morning Update – Left, Right, or Center Can Conservatism Win?

    666 Days until Election Day January 12, 2009   QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The biggest disappointment in the political process, that’s been this kind of bitterness by a few people to the point where they don’t want to have a logical discussion or a civil discussion about policy. They just want to tear you down." President George W. Bush MORNING UPDATE: RIGHT, LEFT OR CENTER…CAN | Read More »

    Notes From a Bygone Era

    This morning my father mentioned a 1957 Chevy. He was talking about what an interesting car it was, and how it was such a landmark in American automotive history, and for at least an hour, I didn’t really understand what he was referring to, because I was confused between the object and the context: it wasn’t the car itself, the sheetmetal, the engine and the | Read More »

    It’s Our Time in 2009

    First, may I wish everyone a blessed and safe new year. Second, Let’s put 2008 in our rear view mirror, but not forget the lessons learned for us as conservatives and Republicans. Third, Let’s look to 2009 as a time to rebuild the party leadership in the mold of Goldwater and Reagan, not of moderates and bipartisanship. I’m currently reading “A Glorious Disaster” by Middendorf, | Read More »

    Cruel Conservatism

    Fox News reports: A former student at the Rhode Island College School of Social Work is suing the school and several of his professors for discrimination, saying he was persecuted by the school’s “liberal political machine” for being a conservative. William Felkner, 45, says the New England college and six professors wouldn’t approve his final project on welfare reform because he was on the “wrong” | Read More »

    Conservatism Without “Cliques”

    We need to be conservative Republicans, not segregating ourselves into little High-School type cliques. We have the winning strategy for elections & governance: Strong National Defense Fiscal Responsibility Limited Government Conservative Social Values Standing alone, these are winning issues. Together, they are almost invincible. We have the watershed victories of 1980 & 1994 as evidence of what happens when Republicans run as total conservatives, expousing | Read More »