Should Conservatives Be Open Minded?

      I hear high profile commentators who claim to be conservative brag about being “open minded” far too often lately.  They claim this like they are proud and honored about it.  Like it makes them better or smarter than other conservatives who are not open minded.   My question to them and other people who I sometimes run into who say the same is “What | Read More »

    Newtown through the Prism of Social Conservatism

    This post is an expansion of a post I did on my FaceBook, so some of it may be a little redundant, but I want to expound on this further. For those of you who don’t know my back ground: I am the father of three daughters, one of which turns two tomorrow. I am the uncle to 5 boys, and one girl. My wife | Read More »

    Conservatives Actually Suck at This

    Conservatives Actually Suck at This

    John Boehner can do whatever the heck he wants to. The GOP could be making the argument that the White House has offered nothing on spending and the American people want spending cuts as much as they are okay with tax increases, but instead John Boehner will publicly negotiate with himself.And he can. He can throw conservatives off fiscal committees without consequence.Conservatives can complain, moan, | Read More »

    I’m Not Sure What Republicans Stand For in Congress

    I'm Not Sure What Republicans Stand For in Congress

    I was once an elected Republican. There isn’t much that the Republican Party has to do with trash collection, but I was a Republican on the Macon, Georgia City Council and I supported trash collection privatization. It wasn’t the Republican thing to do. It was the conservative thing to do. It was the right thing to do. Multiple times it had been tried and multiple | Read More »


    (Originally posted at In case you hadn’t heard following our country’s recent affirmation of Barack Obama’s presidency, there’s been a bit of infighting among the right-leaning politicos.  In fact, it’s gotten rather ugly.  Allow me to offer you a few choice headlines to refresh your memory: A More Diverse GOP Republicans descend into civil war Jindal: GOP Should ‘Stop Being The Stupid Party’ Republican Reckoning Begins After | Read More »

    I Was Mad. Now I Am More Determined Than Ever To Help Save America

    I am still mad but the anger is burning my inspiration to take the fight even harder to the left.  I haven’t written a blog since the republican primaries.  After seeing Obama get re-elected and the democrat party maintain their majority in the senate, that is only urging me to do more on my part to step it up and increase the pressure on the | Read More »

    Why All This Secession Talk Makes No Sense

    (Originally posted on my personal blog – I’ve been relatively “mum” on the hot topic of secession over the last week for a variety of reasons.  First, I knew it would blow over before long.  The hotheaded types who latch on to the idea would eventually quiet down.  Second, I was interested in seeing how the media would react.  Third, there’s just not a lot | Read More »

    Presidential Politics Does Not Define Conservatism

    The conservative movement is a complex coalition of people and ideas that seek to impact popular culture, public policy and electoral politics based on its ideals and principles. To take something this complex and diverse and equate it with an election at the highest possible level is to both over-simplify and devalue it.

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    Where We Go From Here

    Well, that was fun. My ride this past election cycle was much like Erick Erickson’s.  And by “ride,” I mean being strapped to the front of a locomotive that was heading into the side of a mountain. From the beginning, Mitt wasn’t the candidate I wanted representing our party. As a conservative, he didn’t have a sterling record, being pro-choice and all before he became | Read More »



    If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you. — President Calvin Coolidge For five years I have consistently maintained that Mitt Romney could not be elected President of the United States. The only thing that changed was Barack Obama’s terrible debate performance and I made the unfortunate mistake of | Read More »

    American Exceptionalism and The Conservative Battle

    (Originally posted on my personal blog – Two brief thoughts: 1. I believe in American Exceptionalism.  What made America “exceptional” in the past was her willingness to stand for the principles of liberty and free enterprise while acknowledging that it is the God of the Bible who gives us all good things.  For these reasons we sing “God Bless America”, say “In God We Trust” | Read More »

    Election Day 2012: The Aftermath

    (Originally posted on my personal blog – I woke up this morning to find that last night’s results remained the same.  Well actually, that’s not true – this morning it was worse.  President Obama increased his lead in the popular vote, proving that at least 60 million of our countrymen are incapable of discernment, considering him to be worthy of another four years of leadership. | Read More »

    Takeaways From 2012

    The bad news We lost the presidency. We lost the Senate. That was rough. I think first and foremost we need to realize what this means for the future of our country. Few of us underestimated the importance of this election. Here are few of the things we can now expect: The death of the American small business. This is the most hypocritical aspect of the | Read More »

    An Open Letter to My Kids

    Tomorrow night I’m going to bed knowing I have done everything I can to save this country. I’ve made phone calls, walked in parades, contributed more than I could afford to conservative candidates, walked streets I never knew to try to convince people what was happening and how they needed to vote. Did I wake up late to the reality of liberalism? Yes. But I’m not going down quietly–without a fight. Grandpa was a proud Democrat when the Democrats had morals–before they made a far-left turn. He died a staunch Conservative and I will do the same.

    After Tuesday, I don’t know what the forecast will be for our liberty. I sincerely doubt America can withstand another four years of untethered liberalism. It is my fervent prayer that you wake to the reality before all your liberties are gone and that you begin to act every day to keep or regain them. That will mean beginning to read more, getting involved locally, and knowing for what and why you are voting (and reading my emails once in awhile)!

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    Walsh vs Duckworth=Reagan vs Communism

    Joe Walsh is a true conservative, one with backbone and integrity, who will never compromise the Constitution or his principles. He reminds us of Ronald Reagan who was the same kind of man. The one thing Joe doesn’t do well is spin a tale–as in Tammy’s case–a fairy tale of “what you’ll get if you vote for me.” He’s not about handouts–but rather about saving the country and that includes the 8th district in Illinois
    Ms. Duckworth can best be described as a controversial ultra-liberal, tax and spend Progressive heavily funded by out-of-state special interests and the Chicago machine. Congressman Walsh has been described as a ‘controversial Tea Party-backed freshman’  who has been particularly vocal in urging Congress to reduce spending and cut taxes. One might say that for the 8th district, Tammy is John Kerry and Joe Walsh is Reagan. I’ll vote for Reagan–and Joe Walsh every time.

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