The Media’s Paradigm Shifts

    And just like that, the world changes.  Until now, conservative media was the red-headed stepchild.  The lame-brained media didn’t really take it seriously.  The alternative media pooh-poohed us.  Average Americans really never gave conservative media a thought.  Drudge, Redstate, Hotair, Biggovernment, and Townhall were ‘just’ blogging sites.  They weren’t ‘real’ journalists or ‘real’ activists.  They were just run-of-the-mill yak-meisters that could be easily marginalized.  Conservative | Read More »

    The Press Is Apoplectic . . . Good

    While listening to Hannity on the radio yesterday, it was interesting to hear Jake Tapper, the ABC News White House Correspondent, ask why the Democratic Party-run press was being excluded from the Tea Party Nation convention.  He was truly shocked and hurt that his profession would have to watch from the sidelines.  Tapper indicated he thought the whole arrangement was counterproductive to the movement because without | Read More »

    Win the Media Argument Counter O-Bots

    I posted an exerpt from by book An Independent Call yesterday addressing the Palin VP Pick and her impressive convention speech that followed. I posted this same article at The Next Right, and the comments left were from anti-Palin folks. Inadvertantly, they actually pointed out how Palin supporters need to be different than Obama supporters. The biggest favor online folks could do for Governor Palin or | Read More »