Barack Obama – Should Conservatives Support Him

    Since the votes were tallied and the final election results were in naming Barack Obama winner of the 2008 election, there have been countless discussions and postings concerning conservative support for Obama because he would be the Nation’s President. After all whether one votes for the person who sits in the Oval Office or not he is the President of all Americans. Over the last | Read More »

    Bi-partisanship means Democrats giving in on something.

    Let’s be honest, the whole stimulus debate is growing old from my standpoint.  All we hear is that Obama is a post-partisan leader and Republicans are duty bound to help him pass his “stimulus package.” But what exactly are the Republicans getting from the Democrats?  Are we getting a leaner more efficient government?  Are we really auditing all the social programs of the country to | Read More »

    Are we going to have an opposition?

    I hope we have a solid opposition in congress.  The conservative movement is not dead.  We are here in spades in the blogosphere, but we are not out in the public.  The education system in this country has lost its ability to create informed citizens.  We are going to lose our ability to have individual freedom in this country if we don’t fight them.  The | Read More »

    GOP Mike’s “24” Premiere Review – A Liberal’s Horror!!!

    To my Conservative Friends: The much anticipated return of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland had its 2-night, 4 hour premiere this week and for our bed-wetting, terrorist-coddling friends on the left side of the buffet table, it could not come at a worse time as the Messiah’s coronation as Prophet-in-Chief is all but hours away as the looney bleeding-hearts count down every second with unrivaled anticipation… | Read More »

    Conservatives to lead us out of the Abyss for 2009…

    To my Conservative Friends: As we get the barf-bags ready for Barry’s inauguration and the fawning of the MSM towards him, I have been thinking of the best way for the Republicans to come back strong in the next election cycle. We need young, new voices that are true Conservatives and not afraid to articulate their views… I know everyone is tauting all the usual | Read More »

    Liberty On The Rocks

    This Wednesday night, Jan 7, 2009, at 7pm I will be at the Uptown Tavern in downtown Denver to meet with other like-minded people who support limited government at Liberty On The Rocks. What is this Liberty On The Rocks, you ask? They meet on the first and third Wednesday nights of the month. This would be a great opportunity for Colorado RedStaters to get | Read More »

    Conservatives Create Opportunities, Not Programs: Education

    This is the first in a series of conservative solution proposals. I have no idea how many more I will do. I just know that we have to have an answer to the programs the liberals and conservatives have been implementing for the past couple of decades. For the past eight years (some might say twenty), conservatives in government have been acting like democrats. We’ve | Read More »

    Controversy Over RNC Chairman Selection, Emineth Commeth

    To some conservatives, what North Dakota Republican Party Chairman Gary Emineth told The Hill last week is proof of the arrogance of an out-of-touch Republican Party. Emineth says he is being misunderstood, but his words were badly chosen regardless. The Hill quoted Mr. Emineth concerning the selection of the next Republican National Committee Chairman. Mr. Emineth has made a special request during this process, one | Read More »

    The Big Picture

    You guys are making my teeth hurt over there Six blind men describing an elephant… each right in their own way… each missing The Big Picture. For the Democrats sitting where we are now in early 2005, The Big Picture was to win. In 2005 Obama was still a skinny little kid that gave one good speech. They didn’t know him, he didn’t know | Read More »

    Rebuilding the Party: The Technology

    The other day on Twitter, I commented thusly: Resolved: fixing the GOP cannot be done from in DC and fixing the tech problems cannot be done without professional technologists. Within days of the election I was approached by three people representing three different groups, all of whom wanted my advice on how to proceed on the technology front. My advice was pretty simple: That you | Read More »

    The Three Parts of Freedom

    From the diaries by Erick. During the Presidential campaign, I made a comment on someone’s blog about why Sarah Palin garnered so much support by people from all walks of life. I’ve been wanting to expand on this for some time, but haven’t had the time do to so until now. That comment was, Conservatives want to help those that can’t help themselves. Liberals want | Read More »

    Conservatives and Compromise

    An Instructive Lesson in Our Modern Media and Government Perhaps you saw the headlines: “GOP Senators Kill Auto Bailout” Which is what the MSM the Democrats and the union wish you to know The perhaps you know what actually went on as detailed by Larry Kudlow: In truth, the UAW is to blame. If Sen. Corker’s plan had prevailed, with UAW support, many believe | Read More »

    Remember when conservatives were winning?

    Remember when conservatives were conservatives? In the Reagan years, the time of the only conservative American president in the modern era, one was a conservative, not a fiscon, neocon, socon, paleocon or any other kind of con. In fact, “con” was used by liberals as a term of contempt for conservatives, never by conservatives in self-reference. How times have changed. Some of the issues Ronald | Read More »

    “Moderate” voters – Mushie wimps – Take a stand already!!!

    To my Conservative Friends: In selecting his cabinet and staff, I have constantly hear the pundits say “President-elect Obama is going to the middle and will govern as a centrist or a moderate”… Yuck!!! I’d rather he be a unabashed liberal… This moderate stuff really ticks me off…. What is a “moderate” or an “independent”???? It sounds good right?? You can tell people that you | Read More »

    A New Republican With Promise

    The Gen Y Republican by Elisabeth Meinecke at Human Events

    He’s from Illinois, young, smart and has a natural talent for relating to voters. And no, he’s not Barack Obama: he’s Aaron Schock, the newly elected U.S. representative for Illinois’ 18th district. Even Biden would like him — he’s young, clean, and articulate, and at 27, will bring a Generation Y voice to Congress in January.

    Read More »