A Common Thread – What They All Share

    What do Liberals want? What did/does Bill Ayers want? What does Rev. Wright want? What does ACORN want? What do Democrats want? What do most of Obama’s supporters want? What does Obama himself want? In a word Change. They have all….every single one of says they want to change America. They do not like the America of the past that was founded upon the conservative | Read More »

    We Conservatives Need to Work on our Own PR

    I do not support Barack Obama but I do think he will win unless we conservatives find a way to reach more of mainstream America in a way that makes them actually want to understand and listen.We all know that Hollywood and the media are teamed together to pave the way for liberals to win in politics so we can’t count on them to even | Read More »

    Lesson For McCain

    Because they tried to sell you out for an election. John McCain will still win this election but it’s not because of his inept advisers who couldn’t pull a decent and coherent strategy out their you know what if they squatted and pushed. And he won’t win this election on account of the stubborn and completely out of touch Conservatives who just wouldn’t shut up | Read More »

    Conservative is not Republican

    I can’t tell for sure if Josh Treviño is quoting Christopher Buckley approvingly or not, but in case he is, I take exception with this statement: “While I regret this development, I am not in mourning, for I no longer have any clear idea what, exactly, the modern conservative movement stands for. Eight years of ‘conservative’ government has brought us a doubled national debt, ruinous | Read More »

    Body Blows to the Country, to Capitalism, and to Conservativism

    I doubt that the actions of the Bush Administration, Treasury Secretary Paulson, the Senate, and the House in the past couple of weeks mark the death of American Capitalism. The capitalist drive is strong in Americans as a whole and individually. I don’t doubt that their actions have severely harmed that system, however. The fact that the Government has acquired a controlling interest in Fannie, | Read More »

    Help boost American Carol

    I have heard that because American Carol isnt doing “well” that its an indication that the conservative base has lost hope and that Obama will win. Who comes up with this stuff? I would love to see the movie but unfortunately I can’t go to the movies. In fact, the last movie I saw was 5 years ago when I was able. Probably a good | Read More »

    What we need to do

    Quite frankly, as conservatives in america, we need to come to grips with the fact that we are not going to win this year. No matter how it is sliced, John McCain really was not one of us, and Sarah Palin was horrendously mismanaged by the McCain camp. The real question is what do we do? How do we manage with a president many of | Read More »

    9/11 Conservatives, CRA FisCons, ACORN Republicans and Other Observations

    I don’t remember first hearing the term “9/11 Conservatives” to describe those with post 9/11 epiphanies. Realizing Liberal degradation of the US was destroying it in people’s minds, 9/11 Conservatives abandoned the Left in droves. I do remember I didn’t need the term explained to me. Its meaning was instantly grasped. The concept has been applied to different specifics over the years but it’s still | Read More »

    A Message To My Conservative Bretheren

    I want to send a message to all my Conservative friends in the Republican Party; please calm down with the rhetoric. Now, far be it from me to stifle the freedom to express one’s anger or happiness but “Kill Him” is a bit too expressive don’t you think? And I understand many of you and many at the McCain rallies have somewhat come to the | Read More »

    Lady And The Tramp

    Here’s a challenge: search for a few of the remaining “Hillary for President” forums. It is amazing what those left-of-center gals are posting about Governor Palin–they love her! Not because she’s a conservative, of course, but because she is a strong-willed, non-apologetic, woman who has managed to juggle both family and governmental service. Because McCain’s nomination had dispirited so many conservatives in the Republican party, | Read More »

    Just Four Words

    There is no doubt that McCain’s choice of Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee was the wisest, and most conservative, choice he has made in decades. While Palin’s interviews have not gone too well, it is clear that she is a staunch conservative with nothing but sound judgment. Disenchanted with the nomination of a closet Democrat, conservatives were given a new life with the annoucement | Read More »

    Win By Loosing.

    I don’t mind when people disagree with me. I really don’t. Diversity of opinion is what makes this country great, one can learn a great deal from their ideological opponents even if it is just trying to figure out how they think. However dreary of hyperbolic their diagnosis of the ills of our country are, I can live with people who have a liberal opinion. | Read More »

    On Intramural Palin Battles Among Conservatives

    We’ve got our Conor Friedersdorfs and Kathleen Parkers shooting at Sarah Palin and Erick Ericksons defending her. The defenders wonder what team the critics are on. The critics appeal to intellectual honesty. I appeal to the concept of edificiation. Do the words we write or say actually contribute anything to the election and to the civic discussion? Are they adequately considered after time to look | Read More »

    DOC-Post Redux

    In my post yesterday I struck a cord. I was bombarded with comments; some enlightening, some negative. But I meant no harm in my overall message; and to those who think I’m some covert lefty troll; you’re dead wrong, dead wrong. I do no align myself with the left, in fact I’ve been rejected by them. Truth is moderates aren’t welcome anywhere because we aren’t | Read More »

    Follow Up Post

    I want to follow up on my previous post about the Conservative Movement. I didn’t mean to say that Conservative views should be left at the front door; and I never said we should rethink our free market system or our foreign policy. In fact I’m probably more hawkish than most RedState members. My views overall have been one of a more centrist approach. I | Read More »