What we need to do

    Quite frankly, as conservatives in america, we need to come to grips with the fact that we are not going to win this year. No matter how it is sliced, John McCain really was not one of us, and Sarah Palin was horrendously mismanaged by the McCain camp. The real question is what do we do? How do we manage with a president many of | Read More »

    9/11 Conservatives, CRA FisCons, ACORN Republicans and Other Observations

    I don’t remember first hearing the term “9/11 Conservatives” to describe those with post 9/11 epiphanies. Realizing Liberal degradation of the US was destroying it in people’s minds, 9/11 Conservatives abandoned the Left in droves. I do remember I didn’t need the term explained to me. Its meaning was instantly grasped. The concept has been applied to different specifics over the years but it’s still | Read More »

    A Message To My Conservative Bretheren

    I want to send a message to all my Conservative friends in the Republican Party; please calm down with the rhetoric. Now, far be it from me to stifle the freedom to express one’s anger or happiness but “Kill Him” is a bit too expressive don’t you think? And I understand many of you and many at the McCain rallies have somewhat come to the | Read More »

    Lady And The Tramp

    Here’s a challenge: search for a few of the remaining “Hillary for President” forums. It is amazing what those left-of-center gals are posting about Governor Palin–they love her! Not because she’s a conservative, of course, but because she is a strong-willed, non-apologetic, woman who has managed to juggle both family and governmental service. Because McCain’s nomination had dispirited so many conservatives in the Republican party, | Read More »

    Just Four Words

    There is no doubt that McCain’s choice of Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee was the wisest, and most conservative, choice he has made in decades. While Palin’s interviews have not gone too well, it is clear that she is a staunch conservative with nothing but sound judgment. Disenchanted with the nomination of a closet Democrat, conservatives were given a new life with the annoucement | Read More »

    On Intramural Palin Battles Among Conservatives

    We’ve got our Conor Friedersdorfs and Kathleen Parkers shooting at Sarah Palin and Erick Ericksons defending her. The defenders wonder what team the critics are on. The critics appeal to intellectual honesty. I appeal to the concept of edificiation. Do the words we write or say actually contribute anything to the election and to the civic discussion? Are they adequately considered after time to look | Read More »

    DOC-Post Redux

    In my post yesterday I struck a cord. I was bombarded with comments; some enlightening, some negative. But I meant no harm in my overall message; and to those who think I’m some covert lefty troll; you’re dead wrong, dead wrong. I do no align myself with the left, in fact I’ve been rejected by them. Truth is moderates aren’t welcome anywhere because we aren’t | Read More »

    Follow Up Post

    I want to follow up on my previous post about the Conservative Movement. I didn’t mean to say that Conservative views should be left at the front door; and I never said we should rethink our free market system or our foreign policy. In fact I’m probably more hawkish than most RedState members. My views overall have been one of a more centrist approach. I | Read More »

    The Death Of The Conservative Movement

    Like Clinton and the Democratic party John McCain will rewrite the meaning of Republican if he’s so lucky as to take the oath of office. Many Conservatives, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, and the ever mouthy Sean Hannity have openly objected to McCain as their party’s nominee. They say he’s not Conservative enough but that hasn’t stopped the Maverick from cleaning house; and rightfully so. Now, | Read More »

    She must be More Qualified than Anyone Thought

    Sarah Palin must be more qualified and ready to assume the Presidency than anyone thought. She must be more qualified and ready to assume the Presidency than Obama and the liberal media wants to admit. Sarah has the left-wing bloggers and liberal media running scared. Their vile and disgusting attacks against her and her family are proof that they truly believe the American people have | Read More »

    Culture11: Radically Taking on Culture

    Okay so had to have noticed that liberals dominate entertainment, culture and most things that are deemed “cool” in society (aside from guns, motorcycles and other badass endeavors of the sort). And Barack Obama sure isn’t oh-so-close to becoming President because he’s a great leader or has good credentials. He’s where he is because he reached into American culture and – *he got to them. | Read More »

    Introducing FRED PAC

    Well, here we are again, my friends. We stand together at a time of great challenge and opportunity. As conservatives, I think it’s fair to say that not everything has gone our way this election, and as many of us prepare to gather up in Minneapolis, we are faced with some tough choices. I truly believe that given those choices, if you care about judges | Read More »

    Grassley Watch catches the Senator’s eye

    Grassley Watch has recently learned that Senator Charles Grassley’s office has taken notice of our effort.  We are pleased that the Republican Senator from Iowa and his staff have taken the time to review our concerns and constructive criticisms about his work, as well as our occasional recognition of the times when the Senator takes a conservative stand. Grassley Watch is an Iowa based voice for conservatives demanding | Read More »

    Most liberal ticket in 40 years?

    Four years ago, Republicans made hay out of the fact that the Democrats had a very liberal presidential ticket: Republicans on Capitol Hill jumped on Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s pick of a vice presidential candidate — John Edwards, the junior senator from North Carolina — and zeroed in on the candidates’ liberal ratings, among other things.House Speaker Dennis Hastert said, this is “not a balanced | Read More »

    21 Liberals and 4 Conservatives

    Did you ever wonder why John McCain is not way ahead of a radical like Barak Obama in a country where a majority of voters describe themselves as right of center? The answer is that McCain keeps slapping conservatives in the face. He knows that on issues like immigration, his partnership with Teddy Kennedy, McCain-Feingold, etc. he has serious problems with his base but instead | Read More »