The Truth About Obama

    I have a unique perspective about this presidential campaign. I grew up in AZ attending high school not far from where Cindy McCain went. Later I lived near Chicago for fifteen years, and for five of them I worked in the area where Obama was a state senator. I also am fotunate to have relatives that live in Wasilla, Alaska and know Sara Palin. While | Read More »

    Mr. Ed’s Musings, Vol. II

    More random thoughts from an often warped mind…. Last night I slept like a baby. I woke up hungry every two hours and had to go to the bathroom. When referring to amputations and paralysis, why is the descriptor always “down” instead of “up”? For example, why don’t they ever say the leg was amputated “from the knee up”? Or, the accident left him paralyzed | Read More »

    Oh Man . . . He called me a NeoCon!

    Elkoans & Americans, Republican, Democrat, Independent and Undecided should vote to promote the values and interests for not only themselves, but for others future and the future generations. Individuals should not merely follow, not with selfish motivations, but should examine, research and use their intelligence and personal belief system as a guide to make decisions. It is unfortunate that some would have to classify then | Read More »

    I can balance a budget

    Michigan Constitution requires the government to have a balanced budget. If I can balance a budget then why can’t the leaders of the country? Since Michigan does not have a balanced budget, will the Govenor shut down state government? Again.That was the threat last year…..and by a miricle they found a surplus after a shut down. But that shut down didn’t last long, and neither | Read More »

    None of the Above

    If your boss told you that your evaluation score shows you have an 18% approval rating on the job performance, do you really think you would be up for a raise? Let alone keep your job. It’ time for those in Congress to look for other jobs, because they obviously can’t do the job they were elected to do. **I as an Independent and faithful | Read More »

    You Racist Constitutionalist!

    First, why does anybody watch, let alone go on The View? Today John McCain did just that, and in a conversation regarding abortion, said he would prefer to have Roe overturned and let the States make that decision. How radical huh, only if you are Whoopi Goldberg and see an originalist view of the Constitution, that radical document us pesky conservatives would like to see | Read More »

    Assault on the Electoral College? From Universities?

    Northwestern University’s alumni magazine arrived today. Flipping through the NewsOnCampus section, this headline jumped out at me: Rethinking the Electoral College, penned by one of the current students. In the brief piece, the author quotes Professor of Law Robert Bennett, “The Electoral College is badly out of date,” he said. “There are some land mines in the process that could do a lot of damage | Read More »

    Let’s Amend the Constitution

    One of the most stubborn areas of political debate today concerns the Supreme Court and its power to legislate or “interpret the law” as they prefer to call it. The result is that the Court is creating political issues that cannot be resolved through the political process. There is also the ongoing problem of earmarking during appropriations and the always problematic federal budgeting process. I | Read More »

    VPs and Disunity: What If This Happened To Us?

    Everybody is going nuts over how the DNC is split this year in Denver. Will Hillary publicly release her delegates? Will there be a full roll call vote? Will Clinton-backers break for McCain? Well, here’s an idea: Revamp the VP selection process! All of the Dems’ current discords could have been prevented if the VP nominee was the second-highest delegate-getter in the primaries. With this, | Read More »

    Should We the People Vote for VP?

    Is direct suffrage for the Vice Presidency the last obvious unturned stone of the American enfranchising movement? The original Constitution did not let people vote directly for President, Vice President, or Senators, and most states had high property holding requirements (not to mention racial and gender requirements) in order for someone to be able to vote for the U.S. House or other state offices (if | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     75 Days until Election Day  August 21, 2008 QUOTE OF THE DAY: "We agree with the Attorney General that the proposal affects the "foundation power" of government " – Court of Appeals in a 21-page opinion that orders the Board of State Canvassers to reject the Reform Michigan Government Now ballot proposal quotes Attorney General Mike Cox. MORNING UPDATE: DEMOCRAT & TRIAL LAWYER STEALTH CONSTITUTIONAL | Read More »

    A One-Term Pledge: Pointless

    Recently, there has been some talk about John McCain potentially offering a one-term Presidency pledge. I, and the term-limiting Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution, think that such a thing is ridiculous and unnecessary. The last real vow of a one-term Presidency was taken by James K. Polk in 1844. Similar to John McCain in 2008, Polk emerged as the unlikely nominee because his party could | Read More »

    Be careful what you wish for

    **Look at the past to see the future. One thing for sure is the next four years will be different, possibly more than any of us can imagine. What do you think will be the agenda of the democratic controlled house/senate and white house in 2009? Well one thing for sure is we taxpayers will suffer with more taxes. A proposed .25 gas tax why?, | Read More »

    Beware of the RINO: Pick your candidates wisely!

    Originally posted at Random Rants from an Airline Employee The problem with the GOP is that you get people sporting the label who really aren’t for limited government. In fact, there are those so bad that they admit that they’re going to vote for a tax hike to support a zoo; something that should clearly be a concern for private enterprise. Fortunately in this above | Read More »

    No-Knocks are a No-Go part deux: Have another piece of the proof pie.

    Cross posted at Random Rants from an Airline Employee This past December, I wrote a pretty lengthy piece on No-Knock warrants, and why they are not only unconstitutional, but just plain wrong. Well, just a few days ago, there was another case of a no-knock raid that got botched all to hell. In my previous article, I argued that no-knock warrants lend for violations of | Read More »