Why is Public Radio encouraging conversion to Islam?

    The following announcement was read this morning on Michigan Public Radio: Michigan Radio is partnering with Calvin College and the University of Michigan Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies to host an event that will explore Michigan’s diverse Muslim population. The Muslims in Michigan Community Conversation will take place on Wednesday, April 12, at 7 pm at the Calvin College Commons Lecture Hall | Read More »

    The Battle is the Lord’s! Mark your Calendars for August 4!

    Radically liberal Democrats control most of our government; their power seems almost unstoppable.  With Al Franken in the senate, a filibuster proof majority is pretty much achieved. Just about everything we have come to know as “American” is in danger.  Fighting along traditional political lines is a necessary endeavor, but I fear that in and of itself it will prove to be insufficient.  The odds | Read More »