The Most Important 600 Feet On Earth.

    There has been much written by people of all political stripes about the proposed Cordoba project. One thing is becoming apparent. The people who make up the Cordoba Project are sticking a finger in our eye and daring us to do something about it. We have got to stop thinking of these people through the lens of our experience. We have to understand that this | Read More »

    Obama An Embarrassment.

    I don’t think the weak and indecisive Jimmy Carter’s presidency was as far down the road to self destruction as is Obama’s. After all, by his second year, all Jimmy could lay claim to is giving the Panama Canal to the Chinese, among some of his other global ‘peace initiatives’. Carter is, however, a classic example of the liberal mindset. One of the most obvious | Read More »

    Obama’s Inner Muslim Seeps Out.

    ‘Inner Muslim’ is a term which has increasingly been applied with regard to Barack Hussein Obama. His latest exploit into anti-Americanism, by hiding behind ‘religious tolerance’, has drawn justifiable outrage from pretty much across the board, with not a few Democrats very uncomfortable and moving towards the right. Actions have consequences. A consequence of 9/11 is that despite the left’s concerted effort to do a | Read More »