The Evils of Card Check

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    Obama Chief of Staff Refuses to Talk ‘Card Check’

    The Wall Street Journal reports that in a meeting with business leaders, Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel refused to reassert the Obama administration’s determination to pursue “card check.” He was asked his views on the push by labor unions to allow workplaces to be organized with the signing of cards attesting to union support rather than a secret ballot. Mr. Emanuel declined to say | Read More »

    LA’s Water and Power Board Allowing Union to Program ‘Green ‘ Spending W/O Public Participation?

    According to the website, it looks like the Department of Water and Power Board of Commissioners seems to be so cozy with its public employees union that it is planning massive new “Green” programs without taking them before the public for approval. In a piece on a proposed Rate Payers Advocate position to monitor the DWP, Jack Humphreville gave us this interesting tidbit: The | Read More »

    Calif. Lawmakers Try SEIU Intervention

    The Services Employee International Union (SEIU) is still making plans to initiate a hostile take over of its sister union in California, the United Healthcare Workers (UHW), by imposing a trusteeship upon them, ousting the UHW’s elected officers. Now more than 240 lawmakers and community organizers in California have signed an open letter calling for the SEIU to jettison its hostile plans and to peaceably | Read More »

    Denver Post Now Against Card Check?

    Now that their messiah, The One, “O”bama is fairly elected… NOW the Denver Post comes out to attack the Democrat’s and the union’s idea of “card check”? Apparently so, because on November 16, the Post had an editorial titled “Paying off labor harmful to unity.” And, boy, they don’t just mince around the issue, either. Obama and the Democratic majority should resist the urge to | Read More »

    Brace for the Invasion

    Elections don’t have consequence when Republicans win them. We are more likely to punish our friends and reward our enemies than vice versa. By way of illustration, you might note that the only place GWB’s USDOJ Public Integrity Section spent much time and effort was in one of America’s reddest states, Alaska. The Democrats don’t share our confusion as to friends and enemies. Republicans now | Read More »

    Auto Bailout Becoming a Sop to Unions?

    With the precedent set of a bailout from Washington, the automakers are crawling and sticking their hands out for a new bailout for them. But, will a bailout for the Auto Industry actually go to the Industry or will it be a sop to unions? Unfortunately, it looks like an auto industry bailout will feature some of those millions going to unions to fund weakly | Read More »

    Airline Unions Want Obama’s Help Bankrupting Airlines

    During the campaign it came to light that Barack Obama had claimed that he wanted to bankrupt America’s coal industry and make all our electrical rates skyrocket. Well, now that he is president elect Obama, airline unions are hoping that he’ll also come to their aid and help bankrupt the airlines. At least, that is what the things these unions want Obama to help them | Read More »

    Unions Prepared for BIG Payday With New Prez

    As we’ve been warning here on the blog, unions are ready for a big payoff for having pumped hundreds of millions of their members’ dues money into Barack Obama’s campaign and The New York Times published a story that presents it all as a wonderful thing, naturally. And, in keeping with the Times’ journalistic malpractice, quite a few things are misrepresented in favor of the | Read More »

    Stunning Defeat of SEIU by Puerto Rican Teachers Union

    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) thought that it had things all wrapped up in Puerto Rico this year. This most powerful of American unions even held its annual convention on the sunny isle to showcase its power to overawe its intended prey. Apparently the small, local teachers union had other ideas, though. The SEIU blew into Puerto Rico to gobble up the Federación de | Read More »

    Barney Frank to the Rescue! – New Ad in MA

    Getting ready for work this morning, this is what comes across my television: I did not know whether to laugh at the absurdity or become angry because of the blantant lies. It’s not the right wing that is losing control over you Congressman Frank, it is every responsible man and woman who is affected by your corruption.

    Don’t Vote For Ted Stevens For Senate or Don Young for House At Large in Alaska

    Note – A previous version of this post was entitled “RedState Endorses Mark Begich, Democrat For Senate, and Ethan Berkowitz, Democrat for House At Large in Alaska.” We have changed the title and amended the post to retract the formal endorsement out of respect for RedState Contributors who did not feel they could be associated in good conscience with an endorsement of two pro-abortion Democrats | Read More »

    I Vote for America

    I think McCain needs to change tactics here and get back on track.  “Issues” obfuscate reasonability.  A long-standing Truth is obvious, campaign rhetoric serves political expediency, but only Integrity propels Action.  I have read 3-4 sixty+ pages of analysis from various Economic think-tanks that are dissecting both Obama’s tax and economic plans, as well as McCain’s.  These Economists can’t really come to much of a | Read More »

    New Milestone for Union Corruption

    The U.S. Labor Department last month surpassed 900 criminal convictions for union corruption dating to the start of the Bush administration. The milestone is incredible evidence that union bosses continue to lie, cheat and steal despite greater transparency of their finances. For the last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) obtained 102 convictions and 130 indictments for cases mostly | Read More »

    What if?

    We all know that Pelosi and Reid and Obama and the rest of the Liberal leaders are hoping for a Supermajority in all branches of government. Absolute power breeds corruption absolutely!