Barney Frank to the Rescue! – New Ad in MA

    Getting ready for work this morning, this is what comes across my television:I did not know whether to laugh at the absurdity or become angry because of the blantant lies. It’s not the right wing that is losing control over you Congressman Frank, it is every responsible man and woman who is affected by your corruption.

    Don’t Vote For Ted Stevens For Senate or Don Young for House At Large in Alaska

    Note – A previous version of this post was entitled “RedState Endorses Mark Begich, Democrat For Senate, and Ethan Berkowitz, Democrat for House At Large in Alaska.” We have changed the title and amended the post to retract the formal endorsement out of respect for RedState Contributors who did not feel they could be associated in good conscience with an endorsement of two pro-abortion Democrats | Read More »

    I Vote for America

    I think McCain needs to change tactics here and get back on track.  “Issues” obfuscate reasonability.  A long-standing Truth is obvious, campaign rhetoric serves political expediency, but only Integrity propels Action.  I have read 3-4 sixty+ pages of analysis from various Economic think-tanks that are dissecting both Obama’s tax and economic plans, as well as McCain’s.  These Economists can’t really come to much of a | Read More »

    New Milestone for Union Corruption

    The U.S. Labor Department last month surpassed 900 criminal convictions for union corruption dating to the start of the Bush administration. The milestone is incredible evidence that union bosses continue to lie, cheat and steal despite greater transparency of their finances.For the last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) obtained 102 convictions and 130 indictments for cases mostly involving | Read More »

    What if?

    We all know that Pelosi and Reid and Obama and the rest of the Liberal leaders are hoping for a Supermajority in all branches of government. Absolute power breeds corruption absolutely!

    Obama Campaign Pays To Legally Defend ACORN

    How could this make sense? Why would someone so ‘distant’ from ACORN, engage legal support of it and pay for that from the Presidential campaign?Yesterday Sarah Palin said; “…Obama says that his only involvement with ACORN was when he represented the group as a lawyer. But what about the training that he provided ACORN in the past and ACORN staff, and his role in past | Read More »

    Repost: McCain’s task tonight – no more Mr. “Bipartisan” on Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

    Bring up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac repeatedly (don’t wait for the moderator to bring it up) and hit him (and his fellow Democrats) hard during tomorrow’s debate and the debate afterward.      Tell of the contributions, of his work for ACORN suing CitiGroup for rightfully not giving loans to people who could not pay them back. Attach his name to Fannie Mae CEOs Jim Johnson | Read More »

    Allies of evil get my scorn, not my respect

    Obama’s connections to 1960s radical domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is one thing. Other than the three Weather Undergrounders who accidentally blew themselves up, the WU “only” killed three people – two LEOs and a Brinks guard. Of course if that bomb hadn’t gone off prematurely, many military NCOs, their spouses and dates would have been killed or maimed (the bomb was packed with nails to | Read More »

    Tim Mahoney (D-FL) Pays Off Mistress

    Tim Mahoney (D-FL), who was elected to fill the house seat vacated when Mark Foley was forced to resign, has just paid a former mistress $121,000 to avoid a law suit. Democrat leadership was aware of the affair. ABC News reports that Mahoney met with Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) to discuss a cover up.No word yet on when Mahoney will resign.Didn’t Nancy Pelosi promise “The most | Read More »

    Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, LAWBREAKER

    It’s time for an Ohio specific ad citing ACORN, Brunner and Obama’s Chicago style politics. It’ll be well worth the money.Yes, another corrupt Democrat is exposed. I don’t know if I missed it, but I can’t recall much discussion over the U.S. District Court’s ruling against Ohio’s corrupt Secretary of State, Democrat Jennifer Brunner. Judge George C. Smith explicitly stated that Brunner is breaking federal | Read More »

    The Audacity of Obama

    In 1994, Barack Hussein Obama, sued Citibank on behalf of the radical, extremist, group ACORN under the Community Reinvestment Act. From Media Circus dot com: In­ these lawsu­its, AC­O­RN­ mak­es a bo­g­u­s c­laim o­f Red­lin­in­g­ (d­en­yin­g­ p­o­o­r p­eo­p­le lo­an­s bec­au­se o­f their ethn­ic­ heritag­e). They p­ro­test an­d­ g­et the lo­c­al med­ia to­ raise a big­ stin­k­. This stin­k­ mean­s that the ban­k­ fac­es tho­u­san­d­s o­f | Read More »

    Obama and Acorn

    In the continuing saga regarding Acorn – here are details:1) In 2008 Acorn was paid $800,000 by Obama, to handle voter registration in certain key states.2) There are currently investigations in FIVE “swing” states where significant evidence of voter fraud exists – conducted by Acorn – Such states include CO, NM, MI, NV and OH (problems such as people being registered 30 or more times; | Read More »

    My Second Fax to the McCain Campaign

    I faxed this to the McCain campaign’s headquarters today. I humbly request all who can to help me reinforce the message. The numbers (Fax) are;      (703)752 2515 : (McCain/Palin HQ)             NOTE: This was the number during the primaries – it may not be the same now.      (202)228 2862 : (McCain’s office in the Senate)Go to this page for fax numbers to the RNC. eg;       (202) 863 8820 | Read More »

    Who says you can’t just make stuff up?

    Who says you just can’t make stuff up?Well, Barack Obama does, actually. “You can’t just make stuff up,” has become one of his favorite stump speech lines. But as we all know, you can just make stuff up, and not just in politics, either.Making stuff up is taught in creative writing classes in college, and those authors who are accomplished at making stuff up are | Read More »

    Government cannot be the cure all

    Now Wall Street may shun $700 Billion bail-out So after months of build up and weeks of hand-wringing we here that Wall Street may just tough it out. “Wall Street analysts, believe the addition of so many terms to the bill might deter potential participants.”Well you don’t say. This is what happens when socialism getsshoved down the throats of capitalists. They will vomit it up.”One | Read More »