Tim Mahoney (D-FL) Pays Off Mistress

    Tim Mahoney (D-FL), who was elected to fill the house seat vacated when Mark Foley was forced to resign, has just paid a former mistress $121,000 to avoid a law suit. Democrat leadership was aware of the affair. ABC News reports that Mahoney met with Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) to discuss a cover up. No word yet on when Mahoney will resign. Didn’t Nancy Pelosi promise | Read More »

    Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, LAWBREAKER

    It’s time for an Ohio specific ad citing ACORN, Brunner and Obama’s Chicago style politics. It’ll be well worth the money. Yes, another corrupt Democrat is exposed. I don’t know if I missed it, but I can’t recall much discussion over the U.S. District Court’s ruling against Ohio’s corrupt Secretary of State, Democrat Jennifer Brunner. Judge George C. Smith explicitly stated that Brunner is breaking | Read More »

    The Audacity of Obama

    In 1994, Barack Hussein Obama, sued Citibank on behalf of the radical, extremist, group ACORN under the Community Reinvestment Act. From Media Circus dot com: In­ these lawsu­its, AC­O­RN­ mak­es a bo­g­u­s c­laim o­f Red­lin­in­g­ (d­en­yin­g­ p­o­o­r p­eo­p­le lo­an­s bec­au­se o­f their ethn­ic­ heritag­e). They p­ro­test an­d­ g­et the lo­c­al med­ia to­ raise a big­ stin­k­. This stin­k­ mean­s that the ban­k­ fac­es tho­u­san­d­s o­f | Read More »

    Obama and Acorn

    In the continuing saga regarding Acorn – here are details: 1) In 2008 Acorn was paid $800,000 by Obama, to handle voter registration in certain key states.2) There are currently investigations in FIVE “swing” states where significant evidence of voter fraud exists – conducted by Acorn – Such states include CO, NM, MI, NV and OH (problems such as people being registered 30 or more | Read More »

    My Second Fax to the McCain Campaign

    I faxed this to the McCain campaign’s headquarters today. I humbly request all who can to help me reinforce the message. The numbers (Fax) are;      (703)752 2515 : (McCain/Palin HQ)             NOTE: This was the number during the primaries – it may not be the same now.      (202)228 2862 : (McCain’s office in the Senate) Go to this page for fax numbers to the RNC. eg;       (202) 863 | Read More »

    Who says you can’t just make stuff up?

    Who says you just can’t make stuff up?Well, Barack Obama does, actually. “You can’t just make stuff up,” has become one of his favorite stump speech lines. But as we all know, you can just make stuff up, and not just in politics, either.Making stuff up is taught in creative writing classes in college, and those authors who are accomplished at making stuff up are | Read More »

    Government cannot be the cure all

    Now Wall Street may shun $700 Billion bail-out So after months of build up and weeks of hand-wringing we here that Wall Street may just tough it out. “Wall Street analysts, believe the addition of so many terms to the bill might deter potential participants.” Well you don’t say. This is what happens when socialism getsshoved down the throats of capitalists. They will vomit it | Read More »

    Obama Poker Pal Being Investigated By FBI

    In an article, Time for Hard Questions, Commentary Magazine reports that Obama poker buddy and political confidante, Larry Walsh is being investigated by the FBI.

    New trouble brewing for Obama – intimidation in Missouri tip of iceberg

    LOS ANGELES (10/1) – Today a Beverly Hills based film producer Bettina Viviano, founder of Viviano Entertainment, announced the start of a “30 Day Campaign for Truth” about presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The campaign will center on a documentary film entitled “We Will Not Be Silenced” produced by Viviano Entertainment and directed by Gigi Gaston. See www.wewillnotbesilenced2008.com. The 30 Day Campaign for Truth will include | Read More »

    Who do you think said these words?

    True order is that based on freedom, on respect and on justice, but at the same time that which precludes the use of force I am certain that as soon as the President of the Republic takes office and assumes command of the situation, he will decree the re-establishment of all rights and freedoms, including the absolute freedom of the press, of all individual rights, | Read More »

    We we go

    Americans are paying a high price for being politically correct. The real scandal of loosening underwriting standards – done in the name of ending discrimination – had as it’s biggest cheerleader – Barack Obama. But it was the Clinton administration, obsessed with multiculturalism, that dictated where mortgage lenders could lend, and originally helped create the market for the high-risk subprime loans now infecting like a | Read More »

    Five House Democrats Who Should Be Doing The Perp Walk Tomorrow Morning

    Let’s name names, shall we. Out of control, partisan, ignorant, incompetent fools responsible for the country’s financial meltdown. Via Hot Air, here is the video with transcripts of these morons. Throughout the video, Republicans are pointing out the mismanagement and malfeasance of Franklin Raines and the instability of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and are positively begging for more regulation and oversight. The Democrats stopped | Read More »

    It’s time for Republican TV ads on the bailout

    The fact that the Democrats want to use 20% of the profits from the bailout funds subsidize the corruption of ACORN will not make the pages of the NYT, WAPO, or even the Dallas Morning News. Heck, you can’t even find the fact that ACORN is a criminal organization dedicated to subverting the political process by illegally creating voters. And you sure ain’t gonna find | Read More »

    Yes, why isn’t this news?

    That’s Jenn Rubin’s question about this. A $100,000 state grant for a botanic garden in Englewood that then-state Sen. Barack Obama awarded in 2001 to a group headed by a onetime campaign volunteer is now under investigation by the Illinois attorney general amid new questions, prompted by Chicago Sun-Times reports, about whether the money might have been misspent. You and I frequently speculate that if | Read More »

    Obama gets Hand Caught in Cookie Jar

    This is a news story I saw on Power Line Blog, about a news story reported by John Gibson on Fox News. As we all know, Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy. Of course, that is to be expected. Republicans support free markets and evil capitalism, so Republicans must be to blame. However, in this one instance, an old magicians trick is being | Read More »