http://blog.savejersey.com/2008/09/09/reed-gusciora-slams-sarah-palin-with-taxpayer-money.aspx** Gusciora has never had a problem using your hard-earned money for big government spending programs. However, today’s press release truly crosses the line from simple poor taste to extreme inappropriateness. At first inspection, his press release seems like a pretty typical, shrill, open-throated leftist attack on Sarah Palin’s experience and “extremism.”So what makes this release different from the rest of the garbage thrown at | Read More »

    McCain vs Obama: Part III – Leadership Experience

    Much has been said in the media lately about leadership experience. Most of the comments have been directed at Sarah Palin, who is running as the GOP Vice President, not the President. And even though she served as a two-term Mayor of her home town and a one-term Governor of Alaska, the media seems to think she doesn’t have the leadership experience to hypothetically assume | Read More »

    Obamas Cabinet

    January 1, 2009B.H. Obama announced his cabinet picks today.Secretary of State – P. Diddy”I understand diplomacy and how to post videos on YouTube.”Secretary of Treasury – Oprah Winfrey”I am the richest African American of the 20th century,I know how to handle money y-all.”Secretary of Defense – None – this Cabinet position will be eliminated.”All I need to do is talk to the bad people and | Read More »


    One of the most Undemocratic, misnomered pieces of sh*- er; uh : I mean Legislation ever dreamed up by the current congress is the Employee Free Choice Act. Let’s face it, much of legislation today is about corruption, preserving that power that corrupts, and pitching the sale of it in some way that is palatable to the uninformed, underinformed or flat out misinformed by a | Read More »

    Influence and ABC

    ABC News-yeah, the same one that many conservatives have taken to calling the All Barack Channel-has some very interesting investigative journalism going on right now in the environs of the DNC. A few days ago, an ABC News producer was arrested on the street in front of a hotel where big money lobbyists were wooing Democrat politicians. I guess somebody in the hotel didn’t want | Read More »

    LA Times:Biden son, brother invested with firm that lobied for him

    Investigative reporters Chuck Neubauer and Tom Hamburger:”When Joe Biden’s brother and son wanted to buy a hedge fund company two years ago, they turned for financing to a law firm that had lobbied the Delaware senator’s office on an important piece of business in Congress — and in fact had just benefited from his vote.The firm promised James and Hunter Biden that it would invest | Read More »

    Yet Another Reason to Support Sean Parnell

    RedState-endorsed Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell is doing very well in his race to primary Rep. Don Young of Alaska. Young is scandal-plagued and a major porker. Today brings word of a shocking development in the race for Alaska’s House seat. Don Young – corrupt, porkmeister-extraordinare, Don Young – has been endorsed by none other than Ron Paul.

    Michelle Obama steered contracts to Barack supporters

    What a shock! You mean there might be graft and political back washing going on in Chicago?!! Wow, it is not like that has ever happened before. And isn’t it funny, that a woman with little qualification suddenly is offered a job AT A HOSPITAL with a salary of $315,000 a year. And also funny enough, she happens to be married to a politician who | Read More »

    Barry Mud Slinger

    Barry Mud Slinger Theme SongWho’s the greatest mud slinger of all?Who can buy a great big house with Rezko subsidies?What kind of slimy worm guy?Who’s lied like a dog to chase his Prez destiny?Who’s got a segmented lot?It’s Barry… MudslingerIt’s Barry…MudslingerIt’s the Barry Mud Slinger Show!Glass jaw Barry should be more careful when throwing stones. John McCain can own as many houses as he wants | Read More »

    Source of ACORN Embezzlement Payoff Discovered

    You may recall the news that the brother of the chief of the extremist, leftist, activist group Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) stole $1 million dollars from the organization? Dale Rathke, brother of ACORN founder Wade, embezzled the money in 2000.Well, now it has been determined who tried to secretly pay off the theft so that no one would get in trouble. | Read More »

    Obama’s mentor to retire from IL State Senate

    Barack Obama’s mentor, Emil Jones, will announce his resignation from the Illinois State Senate today, according to the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune describes Obama as Jones’ protege.Rumors are floating that Jones is wrapped up in a criminal investigation. We will keep you updated… We have written about his own private slush fund in the past.In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about the | Read More »

    Weekend Blockbusters Abound

    Don’t care which party has em, if they are Republicans, throw em under the bus. In this case it is Conrad and Dodd which are on the radar for accepting “special deals.”

    UPDATE Pelosi Using Congress to PAD bank account

    Cross posted from Michigan Taxes too Much -Using the wayback machine this little doggie sniffed out a seemingly forgotten item from Michelle Malkin in 2007.Congress certainly rewards those who try hard Huh? Water front property needing a face lift for increased desirability. For Pelosi’s Rent collecting businesses. Classy!

    CORRUPT DEM WATCH: Dead People’s Signatures Nominated IL State Senator

    (h/t TeamAmerica)Illinois State Senator Terry Link (D-Lake County) is finding his campaign, and likely himself, in a bit of a bind. Having used the typical Chciago Democrat logic that dead people’s pens are mightier than living people’s votes, two of Link’s nominating petition signature gatherers have been indicted by a grand jury. The issue was brought up by Link’s Dem primary opponent, but was not | Read More »

    October Surprise Guaranteed

    The October surprise currently being discussed is all about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wrong!There will be an October surprise, whether it happens before October 30 being done the right way, or if it happens ON October 30, through the 9th Circuit’s Arizona District Court, it will happen.I personally guarantee the latter, if the former does not happen the right way because things used for politics | Read More »