Oprah Doesn’t Get It

    Orpah Winfrey has declared that for the first time since 9-11 the country is united. Her conclusion proves what we all know. Conservatives and Republicans are open-minded, optimistic and respectful of the American way. The country is united because we lost and those who have refused to try to unite over the past seven years have won. Turn the tables and we were prepared for | Read More »

    Doomed Report Gets Serious

    http://www.doomedreport.com will now start posting headlines with a touch of truth to them. A few are already there. This election did not have to turn out the way it did. Michael Mukasey knows it. The old posting on RedState that declared there would be an October surprise, turned out to have fallen victim to the belief that McCain would have been placed in a situation | Read More »

    Country First, Stupid

    This is for all of those “conservative” pundits who are still writing off McCain’s chances, even after Sarah Palin made them eat crow last Thursday. It’s clear what some of you are trying to accomplish. You want to be first in line to re-make the GOP after the election. You believe that there are going to be leadership challenges, politically and intellectually. And you’re already | Read More »

    This Is What Country First Looks Like

    Senator McCain took a lot of grief from all sides on his decision to suspend his campaign to go to Washington to work on the bail out. It was widely seen as a political stunt. Democratic congressional leaders derided it as injecting Presidential politics into the situation. Senator McCain believed it was the right thing to do. Senator Obama thought it was a better idea | Read More »

    McCain gets the 3am call

    When the mortgage deal was looking like it was dead in Congress, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson called the man who has a history of getting bi-partisan bills done. It wasn’t 3am on the clock, but it certainly was a critical time when a respected leader was needed to get things done. He called Senator John McCain: BOB SCHIEFFER: I am told, Maggie, that the way | Read More »

    A time to lead and a time to follow!

    Conservatives, Republicans and like minded Individuals. I have called for NO bailout all week on this site and many more. I see a man in McCain who I never wanted to support give me a reason to support him with the Palin pick. I see today a Senator who has NEVER put an earmark in a bill for his state, who despises the Wall Street | Read More »

    New “Cause Greater” website

    I just got a link to the new McCain-Palin site dedicated ro relief for the states effected by Gustav. I think that the refocus of the convention was in the end the best choice in a very difficult situation. Thankfully Gustav was handled effectively by Jindal. Check out the new site: A Cause Greater What do you think: good idea or let’s get back to | Read More »