K. Couric is Blinded by her Opinions

    It is amazing that one’s political ideology can so blind their eyes from the truth that even as an “objective” observer, they cannot see the forest for the trees. Take for instance an interview of Katie Couric by ‘The Daily Beast’. http://www.thedailybeast.com Couric was struck by Scott Barclay, a marketing director in Philadelphia, who told her: “When I look at the political situation now, all | Read More »

    A Query for Couric

    On January 14th, 2010, the Columbia School of Broadcasting, along with the Alfred I DuPont Foundation, awarded the Silver Baton award, an award the university compares to the Pulitzer, to Katie Couric for her 2008 interviews with Sarah Palin.  The awards committee reported that Couric was selected because,”In a political season full of interviews with the leading candidates, Katie Couric’s apt and determined questioning of | Read More »

    Journolist?, What Journolist?

    The Journolist controversy sparked by The Daily Caller’s publication of ‘private’ emails of the members had quite a splash in the new media.  However, in the lame-brained media outlets there has been a suspicious silence regarding the political machinations of a group of so-called journalists.  Why all the furor in the new media but barely a whimper from the Big Three, NBC, CBS, and ABC?  This silence | Read More »

    I Am Losing Faith in the General Intelligence & Fairness of Republicans

    I have been a huge fan and public defender of Sarah Palin here in New York City since the week she was picked. I was thrilled that she did well at the VP debate. But the specific rumors about Palin’s lack of knowledge or “knowledgeability” as Carl Cameron stated it to Bill O’Reilly (video here) must be considered and if not true must be specifically | Read More »

    “Liberal Katie Couric (D)”

    A Great NRO Article from Victor David Hansen obliquely points out what should be painfully obvious to everyone at this point, the MSM was actually part of the Obama campaign and as a result neither Obama’s inexperience or Biden’s incompetence received even the slightest attention from the media. Instead we had to watch as the media set out to demonize and destroy housewives and plumbers | Read More »

    Palin just got destroyed on SNL

    Basically, it was a rehash of the Couric interview. Imagine the worst possible impression you could want Americans to have of Palin, and double it. That’s what it was. The only hope I can have is that people will be appalled by how over the top SNL is going. I feel like crying.

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