Rove’s Latest Beltway Nonsense: Perry Shouldn’t be a Cowboy

    Is it just me or has Karl Rove completely gone Washington? Rove’s latest attack on Gov. Rick Perry for being too cowboy is ridiculous. Perry rightly sharply criticized Ben Bernanke’s failed monetary policies. This recent episode is indicative of Rove’s deteriorating intellectual capacity due to his Beltway Bubble illness. Alas, Politico’s embed link appears to be jacked up, along with most of their political analysis. | Read More »

    The Cowboy And The Gangsta

    David Reilly over at Bloomberg tells us that Obama needs to “man up” if he doesn’t want to be handing Sarah Palin the keys to the White House in January 2013. While I think it’s quite presumptuous to assume Palin will be his successor, Reilly’s little rant about Obama needing to be more of a tough guy (even against his own people) made me laugh. | Read More »

    Nothing Wrong With Being a Cowboy.

    Remember the day it became an epithet and Geoge W. Bush was labeled such with his “cowboy” diplomacy? Now, I’m a hillbilly, not a cowgirl, but recently I during a conversation with a friend she suddenly asked me who was my favorite famous cowboy. She chuckled at my answer. When I asked her why, she said that a person’s favorite cowboy tells a lot about | Read More »