The CPAC Bloggers Lounge is hot

    RedState is the sponsor of the Bloggers Lounge here at CPAC 2010, and we do have our share of RS blogging occupants, with Moe, Aaron, Caleb, Leon, Erick, Kevin, Brian, Rob, Jeff, James, Soren … and me… making occasional appearances in the lounge. But we’re not alone – there are probably 100+ bloggers who have been working on and off in the lounge.  I myself | Read More »

    Mitt Romney’s Remarks at CPAC

    Romney’s remarks at CPAC.  Wow, just wow. Thank you to Jay and to Scott for those generous introductions.  Both these men have made real contributions to our nation. It’s good to be back at CPAC. I can’t think of an audience I’d rather be addressing today. I spent the weekend in Vancouver. As always, the Olympic Games were inspiring. But in case you didn’t hear | Read More »

    CPAC 2010: An Event to really irritate the Libs

    Live, from the Bloggers Lounge, it’s CPAC 2010! I have had the distinct privilege to be able to attend CPAC 2010 in DC. What an absolutely amazing experience it has been so far, and we are only 3 hours into the event! This is gonna be a real barn-burner. Because at least 10,000 Conservatives are expected to attend, I am assuming a lot of teeth-gnashing | Read More »

    So, here I am at CPAC 2010.

    This is more a test of the Internet connection than anything else, but I am here, and once the blogger’s lounge is opened up I will be over there.  If you’re here, feel free to stop by and say ‘hi,’ tell me how much you love/hate/utterly ignore me, give me money for beer, that sort of thing. And if you’re a candidate, please come on | Read More »