The Supreme Court: Nipples, Crack, Blacks, and $18 Million Fines

    In a previous entry, I discussed the Court’s ruling in Knox v. SEIU regarding assessment fees by the union with respect to political advocacy and whether a non-member’s First Amendment rights were violated as a result of these assessments. The Court ruled that their rights were violated. However, most of the coverage of the Supreme Court yesterday by the lamestream media centered around the long | Read More »

    Mandatory minimum sentences crack-up welcome

    Congress narrows gap in cocaine sentencing rules This former criminal defense trial lawyer saw a lot of lives ruined by crack and cocaine, but we also saw many lives ruined by long mandatory minimum sentences for possessions of small to medium amounts of crack. Most of those latter lives ruined were those of black men, but I do not believe that the disparately lesser sentences | Read More »

    Congress smoking cash.

    It’s turning out to be quite the day for fiscal revelations. The latest is Pete Visclosky (D-IN), who is celebrating his recent drop in campaign contributions with a request to use what he has remaining for his upcoming legal… expenses: Visclosky wants to dip into fundraising to pay legal fees Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-Ind.) is seeking to confirm that he can reach into his $900,000 | Read More »