Cramer’s.. er, something or other, XV: “DC can’t hold us down forever”

    I really wonder sometimes if I should just stop trying to figure out Jim Cramer.  Maybe it’s because I keep feeling for the guy getting so brutally taken out of context (his “Bear Stearns is safe” call, for example, was, despite what most people believe, quite correct.  What most people never hear is that he was addressing depositors at Bear with that remark, not investors | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, IX: The Telco (Non-)Trust, Plus, Obama’s Energy Fixation

    Cramer has a bit of a double feature today in his morning column, “Telcos as a Trust? Are You Kidding?”, where he looks askance at the Justice Department’s investigation into the idea that AT&T and Verizon have crossed that ever-so-subjective line into anti-competitive behavior. Mind you, on this one his disdain for Bush is not omitted, as the theme of the day on seems | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, VIII: A brutal list

    After a patriotic three-day weekend, and perhaps more importantly to him, a downswing in the market, Jim Cramer’s barometer has once again swung right, as he came out with a piece this morning titled “Obama’s Agenda vs. Expanding Business”.  With a title like that it can hardly be a bad thing, so let’s dig in. “Is it time to ask whether the Obama agenda could | Read More »

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    Cramer’s Remorse, VII: “Natural Gas Blew It”

    In light of yesterday’s (at least that was when I wrote it, but apparently I missed the “Publish” button) enthusiasm over Stimulus II, I was a bit surprised to read that Jim Cramer almost totally gets it in regard to cap-and-trade.  He knows that it’s horrible for the economy.  He knows that we don’t have any “bridge fuels”, as he terms them, to get to | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, V: Groundbreaking Fatigue

    Jim Cramer’s starting to get tired.  I know, it’s hard to imagine that little ball of kinetic energy from Mad Money ever showing any sign of fatigue, but if any man is capable of wearing down the Reverend Jim-Bob from the Church of What’s Working Now, it’s our new commander-in-chief. “[Y]ou wake up, and every day’s historic… including a lot of days you don’t want | Read More »

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    Cramer’s Remorse, IV: “Citi Under Siege”

    This installment of Cramer’s Remorse doesn’t mention Obama by name, but nevertheless looks ruefully at one of the (un?)intended consequences of policy. Jim Cramer starts right off this time with the money quote: If you wanted to make it Citigroup so never gets out from under, you would do exactly what the government is doing. Most of the rest of his piece today focuses on | Read More »

    Cramer’s Remorse, III: “What Did You Expect?”

    Not so much a real remorse entry as just a passing note.  Stocks of HMOs including Cigna, Aetna, WellPoint, and UnitedHealth are getting clobbered today.  Cramer’s reaction to this is along the lines of “what did you expect?”, given that the push for Obamacare is going to put that particular industry on the endangered species list in short order. “What did you expect?”, of course, | Read More »

    Cramer vs. Stewart – Open Thread

    Although I was reluctant to listen to the “Daily Show” interview, not wanting to waste my time, I did listen to quotes from the Fred Thompsom radio show. Firstly, John Stewart (or his writers) know nothing about the financial markets. But as disconcerting was that Cramer could not even answer back with any level of intelligence. Now I know this was because Cramer was “kissing | Read More »

    Market Up? Not Obama. Market down? STILL not Obama.

    When Jon Stewart talked about the “two markets” in his <a href=””>interview with Jim Cramer</a>, he wasn’t completely correct. There are two markets, but they aren’t exactly the ones Stewart described (though very close). Long term, there’s only one way a stock is going to go up, and that’s if the corporation you buy stock in makes money, thus raising the company’s value, and thus | Read More »

    Umm, Jon Stewart said what?

    Jaw dropping, but true NEW YORK – Jon Stewart hammered Jim Cramer and his network, CNBC, in their anticipated face-off on “The Daily Show.”In an interview taped Thursday afternoon that went far beyond its allotted time, Stewart repeatedly chastised the “Mad Money” host and CNBC for putting entertainment above journalism. He also accused the financial news network of wilfully ignoring corporate dishonesty. The mind boggles, | Read More »

    Politics of Personal Destruction Hitting New Level

    I could have SWORN that Candidate Obama preached against the politics of personal destruction during the long and tedious campaign season.  That is what has me so confused now.  It appears that personal destruction is no longer limited to members of the political arena, as long as you are a convenient target.   Despite attempts to say otherwise Rush Limbaugh is not a politician, elected | Read More »

    Don’t Pick a Fight with a Pit Bull…

    If I were Obama, I’d rethink taking on Rush and Cramer. Nothing in their personalities would indicate a willingness to cower even under intense fire. In the time His Hipness can say “Look, uh..” both have registered two or three verbal jabs, and are working on a fourth. The arrogance to think that one will not get bloodied when mixing it up with a pit | Read More »