The Coming Crash

    By: Dr. Jeffrey “Jake” Baker Wednesday November 10, 2010If you want to view America in 2012, simply look across Europe where unions are growing, spending has been unrestrained and irresponsible, and people see government – not the private sector – as their salvation. Unrest, even militancy, is growing at an alarming rate, as violence spreads even to once safe, quiet neighborhoods. Both Spain and Greece are | Read More »

    Poland Attacked by U.S.S.R. Again?

    Last Saturday morning, Poland lost its President, major government leaders, and major military leaders in a plane crash in Russia. I ask that God would comfort the living family members and allow them to become His. It has been confirmed that the Russian Military tried to persuade the pilot of the plane to change his course due to low visibility. The plane was taking Poland’s leaders | Read More »

    What We Pretend to Be…

    …we eventually become.  Great saying, and usually true, but sometimes, it doesn’t always work out so well.  Imagine if Bruce Willis became a New York City Police officer.  I love the Die Hard movies.  John McClane is a great cop, so I’m sure Bruce will do a bang up job too…right?  While we’re at it, I’d like to put Keifer Sutherland in the hotseat at | Read More »

    A most gracious man

    All too rarely we see examples of people whose love and grace shine above what we normally see in the world. This week we saw one of those. On Monday, December 8th, a Marine F/A-18D fighter experienced a power failure on approach to Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego. The pilot ejected, and his plane crashed in a nearby neighborhood, destroying a home and | Read More »


    Democrats Midas Touch

    The truth…the leftists can’t handle the truth. Go to the link below for the truth.


    So here we are today, following a week when the Dow Jones Industrials suffered its greatest weekly loss and AP is reporting Governor Sarah Palin “abused her power.” To this add the latest polling reports, new information regarding Obama ties to Kenyan strongman Odinga and a continuing flow of reports of ACORN voting fraud. Right now over at the “Daily Kos” the Kosmonauts are already | Read More »

    Financial Markets On Edge

    The basic storyline in financial markets remains unchanged today, as everyone waits for Congress to act on the Paulson bailout plan. In the meantime, overnight conditions in the world’s money markets are again approaching the extreme stress levels we saw exactly one week ago. Keep reading…

    Buffett is a big carpetbagger

    The surprise move by Mr Buffett Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, last night said he planned to raise up to $12.5 billion (£6.74 billion) of new funds by selling a stake to Warren Buffett and tapping other institutional shareholders. The surprise move by Mr Buffett, which was welcomed by some but was described as “worrying” by traders in Hong Kong and Tokyo, is | Read More »

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    The Great Obama Crash of 2008

    Business blogger James Pethokoukis has a great blog post comparing Obama to a trendy 1990s tech stock: Speculative bubbles have come in many different varieties: flowers, railway shares, Florida property, Beanie Babies, comic books, technology stocks, exurb McMansions. Does Candidate Obama qualify? Well, the candidate does sound a bit like a lot of the hot Internet companies back in the late 1990s. Not much of a | Read More »

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