Holy Cow! Hillary Clinton LOSES IT On Greenpeace Activist After Rally

    Holy Cow! Hillary Clinton LOSES IT On Greenpeace Activist After Rally

    Wow. This video is going to be famous real quick. Hillary Clinton absolutely lost it on a Greenpeace activist today. The woman had the gall, the unmitigated temerity to challenge her with a charge made by Bernie Sanders about the energy industry funding her campaign. Hillary wasn’t having it. “I am so sick! I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m | Read More »

    Ron Paul: Enough With The Almonds

      Most conservatives know to usually just avoid talking about Ron Paul as to also avoid his delusional followers; but with the debate last night and the recent Iowa polls, I have reached my limit.  First, let me make the obvious concessions that he has SOME good ideas about limiting government and that he is unlikely to win the nomination.  With that in mind, I think it | Read More »

    Suicidal Tendencies; A Case Study of Politico

    http://videoshare.politico.com/largevideobox.php?bcpid=15202024001&bclid=1201016315&bctid=643047273001 You really have to watch these Ruling Class wanna-be elitists at work.  The level of contempt and disdain for the voting public and the citizen legislative candidates borders on disgust.  I watched the entire Politico series and found myself laughing at their complete cluelessness about what is driving this election and what is informing the voters.  But, it is indicative of the state of | Read More »

    You should consult your doctor before taking Conservatism.

    A disease is defined as a incorrectly functioning organ or system of the body. It is usually beyond its host’s control even if their lifestyle causes said disease. What we are witnessing is not a new concept, however there hasn’t been much mention of it either. Political Schizophrenia is sweeping across our nation like summer wildfires in California. We have seen a small spark take | Read More »