Promoted from the diaries. -ed. I had the great pleasure of seeing Pope John Paul II in 1993 during the World Youth Day events held in Denver, Colorado. I have fond memories of that time, for it was a very moving and influential experience. But, it was also punctuated by debate. On many street corners anti-Catholic groups were handing out literature to the throngs of | Read More »

    Hey Israel: You Do Realize You’re On Your Own, Right ?

    My stars, isn’t it a lovely day to toss an ally under the bus ? Haven’t done this in a while, so here’s some links to news stories….. not the blog kind, but real news from real sources.  Why do I have a feeling most people in The USA haven’t heard about most if not all of these ?  By the way, it took less | Read More »

    It’s On….. Sharia Banking In The USA…… Michigan now….. where next ?

    I heard about this story on Rush’s show today and wasn’t surprised about any reaction he would or wouldn’t get because honestly, very few people seem to really give a rat’s arse that the Muslim world is starting to take over our country – you know, like they’ve already done with most of Europe and The UK. The Minister Of Justice in UK Parliment is | Read More »