Raise Gov. Palin’s Profile

    To me it is clear that Americans love Gov. Sarah Palin or at the very least a majority of Americans are inclined to love her. I know polls are just polls but I think there is something to be learned by some of the polls that have come out recently. While people want to love her they are somewhat fearful of having her be a | Read More »

    Dictatorships NEVER Give You a Choice.

    A member of another site where I also blog made the following comment on one of my posts:”Moreover, the American people need to understand better what is going on in this country and stand up and contact their representatives. This time, they congress had no choice. “Dictatorships never give you a “real” choice. Look up the word “dictate.”The only choice dictatorships give is, “submit or | Read More »

    The lib-con Triumvirate is Pelosi-Bush-Reid

    A triumvirate is a political regime of 3 individuals. The Lib-con triumvirtae in the U.S. today is Pelosi-Bush-Reid. They are clreadrlyly demonstrating what some of us have been saying all along.There is not a dime’s worth of difference between them on the economic issues. This bailout is bad for the average citizen and should have been stopped.If for no other reason than that the money | Read More »

    Barney Frank Should be Removed from Chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee

    Representative Barney Frank Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee is a top recipient of donations from mortgage bankers and brokers as well as credit Unions. During the 2007 – 2008 election cycle Frank ranks 1st in contributions from mortgage bankers and brokers and 2nd in contributions from credit Unions.Frank has received $499,348 in contributions from finance, insurance and real estate interests – the very | Read More »

    It is a Fascist Bailout – Not a Socialist Bailout

    If anyone needed proof that the fiction of gridlock in Washington is just that – fiction – the current financial crisis is certainly that proof. The total disregard which both the democratic and republican congressional leadership have shown for the best interests of tens of millions of citizens is appalling. They have clearly demonstrated that they are in fact the political vassals of wall street.Another | Read More »

    The neo-con Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called for a, “….global solution to the U.S. financial crisis.”

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the “neo-con” Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called for a, “….global solution to the U.S. financial crisis.” Strauss-Kahn, further states that, “the reform process could begin this month when finance ministers and central bankers convene in Washington for the IMF – World Bank Annual Meeting.”In France Strauss-Kahn, or DSK as he is often referred to, has come to be | Read More »

    How Many Houses Does Nancy Pelosi Own ???

    Pelosi’s reported “liabilities” include six (6) mortgages. The amounts are as follow:MORTGAGE……………………….AMOUNT1……………………………..$1.000.000 TO $5,000,000.2……………………………..$1.000.000 TO $5,000,000.3……………………………..$500.000 TO $1,000,000.4……………………………..$250.000 TO $500,000.5……………………………..$1.000.000 TO $5,000,000.6……………………………..$1.000.000 TO $5,000,000.


    **READ THE FULL STORY AT The Save Jersey BlogPelosi Sabotaged Bush’s BailoutBy Matt Rooney | October 1, 2008**Wake up, Save Jerseyans. Despite the best efforts of her media supporters to obscure the ruse afoot, Speaker Nancy Pelosi never really intended “The Paulsen Plan” to see the light of day. Overwhelming evidence suggests that the Speaker feigned disappointment at the bailout bill’s 228-205 defeat. How can | Read More »

    And now for something completely the same…

    Modifying Residential Mortgages: Obama’s Policy Failure

    (To preface, I just had to write this; it’s been eating at me since I first heard it mentioned months ago, and it’s particularly relevant as the bailout is being reconsidered. I may also try and have this printed somewhere, because I think it is important. The intention was to pull all partisan politics out of the piece, and to focus solely on the issue | Read More »

    Myths about the proposed Paulson rescue plan

    The following myths and misconceptions seem about the core aspects of the Paulson plan are being widely disseminated. I think it makes sense to dispel those myths in one place.Myth #1: A credit crunch only impacts “Wall Street”. I don’t think most people believe this myth. However, I put it out there in the interest of fairness and objectivity. I am a self-employed attorney. My | Read More »

    Financial Crisis for Dummies

    For all of those still struggling to understand the financial crisis, and how all of this happened, here is an illustrative description that might help you get a better grasp on how we got to where we are today. Then, let’s talk about who’s to blame. NOTE: I did not create it, but I wish I had. I’m not sure who created it, otherwise I | Read More »

    How about a REDSTATE ROUNDTABLE on the bailout and credit crisis

    It’s not so much that I think the RedState Directors have a better knowledge than the rest of us on this issue but that they seem to be the only ones who can access the RedState servers consistently and reliably enough to make detailed and cogent arguments in support of their disparate opinions.Besides, in fairness to all of them, they have all made very cogent | Read More »

    How transparent…..

    This is a long article but spells it out pretty well.Article by By James Simpson.Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured CrisisThe responses are great – I wanted to post this one.”Please do homework before you respond to this blog. The CLINTON administration is purely to fault for the current crisis. And if that isn’t enough, Barry got the 2nd most amounts of money from | Read More »

    Connecting Obama’s dots

    James Simpson over at The American Thinker has an article detailing Obama’s links to the radical left and the sub-prime mortgage crisis.I don’t know much about the author or the source, but I found his research pretty interesting. Here is what it boils down to.Obama and his radical friends were schooled in “manufacturing crisis.”ACORN started out as an effort to do this by overloading the | Read More »