Why does the NRSC keep doing this?

    I just got back from reading the Campaign Spot on National Review Online, and there is a link to a Miami Herald piece that leaves me scratching my head.  First Charlie Crist, it’s stated, is off his game and could still possibly win the nomination without the Cuban-American vote.  Along with all the other bad news that his campaign has had to endure (most of | Read More »

    Defending Erick Erickson

    False claims of race-baiting have no place in civilized society Nor on the front page of Race42012 It is with great sadness that I am compelled to write this column defending Erick Erickson of Redstate.com against false charges of “pulling the race card”; “race-baiting”; and of being a “race pimp.” Those are fighting words where I come from, and so, after following the Biblical step-by-step | Read More »

    Finally! A Strategy for Dumping RINOs in 2010

    A blog entry on ConservativeHQ.com details how conservatives can use the lessons and strategies learned from Tea Party and town hall protests to dump unprincipled RINOs in the 2010 primaries, especially when these Republicans are being challenged by proven conservatives. “In these races, the moderate/liberal Republicans typically have the upper hand because they are either incumbents or have previously served in office.  The U.S. Senate | Read More »

    Crist and Christ keeping the hurricanes away.

    Charlie’s prayers protecting FL from hurricanes.  But will it work for elections? Hat tip to Townhall.

    This is a man to support! marco2010

    Friday was a night I will remember for many years to come. I had that rarest of experiences. I met a statesman. I got to shake his hand, look in his eyes and see his heart. I got to see the love that he has for his country and it’s people. No, it wasn’t George W. Bush, though I think he had much of that | Read More »

    My Apologies, Sen. Cornyn. The NRSC-Crist Endorsement Was Brilliant!

    Several months ago, I made my first political contribution to the NRSC.  I promised the telemarketer who called that I would contribute $X  for every GOP senator who voted against the TARP bill. Last month, the same telemarketer called again for more money.  I basically told them to take a hike because I was furious that Sen. John Cornyn and the NRSC had endorsed Florida | Read More »

    Moderates circle the wagons…for Charlie Crist. What are they afraid of?

    The putative leaders of the Senate Republicans, Senators McConnell, McCain and Cornyn will be in Florida soon to raise money for Charlie Crist. “Florida’s Republican Governor Charlie Crist is getting a big boost for his U.S. Senate bid from a bevy of GOP A-listers. Helping to raise money for Crist in Washington are Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chairman Sen. | Read More »

    Full Steam Ahead: Governor Palin Appoints 8 Board Members

    Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Palin announced her appointments to the Alaska Public Offices Commission, Fishermen’s Fund Advisory and Appeals Council, Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education, Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority, and State Officers Compensation Commission. Alaska Public Offices Commission Governor Palin appointed Kathleen J. King to the Alaska Public Offices Commission. The five-member commission administers laws upholding the public’s right to know | Read More »

    Crist Is Not The Future Of The Republican Party

    True, he is popular in the liberal cities in the southeast and along I-4. That is because the Liberals have no one to challenge him and he is a liberal in many respects. But the rest of us in the state (strongly conservative) are seeing the softer side of Charlie reveal itself (along with the liberal ideas and milquetoast leadership). He actually pulled back from | Read More »

    Now, about that volcano…

    A hat tip to Mark Krikorian at NRO. We’ve had some discussion about the willingness of elected Republicans to crumple like a cheap, empty suit at the first sign of a fight with Democrats. A major segment of the elected class of our Party stands for reelection and absolutely nothing else. From the front page today, Charlie Crist is a member of that clan. Well, | Read More »

    Palin, the Anti-Crist

    The Tampa Tribune’s William Marsh writes today that governors Sarah Palin of Alaska and Charlie Crist of Florida part company on how the Republican Party can best find its way back to success.

    First Post

    Here is a letter I submitted to the local newspaper. It appeared in yesterdays paper. Seemed a fitting start. Republicans of the greater York area take heart. Conservatism did not lose this election…..the current Republican Party did. Starting Nov. 5th the rebuilding of the Republican Party begins. We must once again fill our ranks with true (emphasis on true) conservatives. And for the 20% of | Read More »

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