Russians are Drilling in our Backyard

    It really was only a matter of time.  Thanks to an agreement the Carter administration recognized during his Presidency, Cuba has partnered with Russia to build oil derricks in the Gulf of Mexico.  That’s right.  The left has spent so much time pushing green energy subsidies the Russians have now penetrated the Western hemisphere to take oil that rightfully, should already be ours. It comes | Read More »

    Obama allows internet technology exports to Iran, Cuba and Sudan. Washington will allow technology companies to export Internet services to Iran, Cuba and Sudan in a bid to exploit their libertarian potential, The New York Times reported late Sunday. “The more people have access to a range of Internet technology and services, the harder it’s going to be for the Iranian government to clamp down on their speech and free expression,” a senior administration | Read More »

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    Cuba shuts down… Cuba… to save energy.

    (Via Drudge) Note that this directive involved 90% of the economic infrastructure of Cuba. HAVANA, Nov 11 (Reuters) – Cuba has ordered all state enterprises to adopt “extreme measures” to cut energy usage through the end of the year in hopes of avoiding the dreaded blackouts that plagued the country following the 1991 collapse of its then-top ally, the Soviet Union. In documents seen by | Read More »


    Obama’s Third World America. Equality At Last.

    Liberals and Marxists everywhere are quick to point to Fidel Castro’s Cuba as the ideal socialist society. Insipid pandering celebs such as Michael Moore, Sean Penn and Harry Belafonte are all over themselves lauding the place to the skies. Understand…they wouldn’t want to LIVE there. Not as ordinary citizens anyhow, much like our Congress won’t LIVE under the health care that they are proposing for | Read More »

    To Mayor Ray Nagin, Police States Have Their Advantages

    New Orleans’ Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin can see the advantages of a country like Cuba, when it comes to hurricane preparedness and evacuation. Cuba, you see, was hit by Hurricanes Gustav, Ike and Paloma last year and suffered only seven fatalities. Nagin is in Cuba with a trade delegation from the Crescent City for a five-day visit. Ray Nagin: Cuba’s government is ideal for storm | Read More »

    Nine Leftist Latin American Countries Dropping The US Dollar In 2010. Leftist Latin American leaders have agreed on the creation of a regional currency to scale back on the use of the US dollar as well as economic sanctions against Honduran coup leaders. Nine countries of ALBA, a leftist bloc conceived by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, met Friday in Bolivia where they vowed to press ahead with a new currency for intra-regional trade to replace | Read More »

    Jimmy Carter: One Term Wasn’t Enough?

    From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator One Disastrous Term Wasn’t Enough For Jimmy Carter To Establish His Legacy? It was For Me And I would Venture To Say Most Everyone Else As Well. No, this former peanut farmer from Georgia wants to make sure that his name goes down in history as a destructive career diplomat as well, both foreign and domestic. His current | Read More »

    This is the Cuban Nirvana that the left says is just so wonderful? Really?

    For years we’ve been treated to the left gushing at the very thought of the island nation of Cuba and the socialist “utopia” that has been created there.  For example, in 1998 the noted academic Jack Nicholson said that, “Fidel Castro is a genius! We spoke about everything [in our meeting]. Castro is a humanist like President Clinton. Cuba is simply a paradise!” Indeed! Nicholson | Read More »


    Cuba’s Lack of Toilet Paper

    Cuba will soon run out of toilet paper, apparently. I wonder if it was all worth it for Fidel if, now, 50 years on from la Revolución Cubana, they can’t even produce toilet paper. But I can’t feel sorry for them. Marxist murderers should get what they deserve. This helps a bit.


    Next, they’ll be checking for homing pigeons.

    Actually, they should check for homing pigeons. EXCLUSIVE: Cuban spies’ shortwave radios go undetected MIAMI | A retired State Department officer and his wife who are accused of spying for Cuba appear to have avoided capture for 30 years because their communications with the Caribbean island were too low-tech to be detected by sophisticated U.S. monitors. [snip] U.S. intelligence spends little time combing the shortwave | Read More »


    Retired State Department analyst arrested for spying for Cuba.

    The words ‘treason,’ ‘traitor,’ or ‘betrayal’ do not appear anywhere in this narration of the career of a spy for regime which is an avowed enemy of the United States of America. BDS, on the other hand? First paragraph. I’m almost convinced that this was deliberate self-parody on the WaPo’s part, except that I know other people who are equally this dead to irony. A | Read More »

    Now *there’s* the willfully-obnoxious Cuba regime we’ve grown accustomed to!

    (Via NTCNews) It’s so nice to see that some people keep up with the old traditions… Cuba rejects OAS membership, official says HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) — Cuba will not rejoin the Organization of American States, even though the multinational organization has lifted the 47-year-old suspension of the country’s membership, a Cuban official said Thursday. Ricardo Alarcon, president of the National Assembly, made the announcement to | Read More »

    What’s behind the need to close Gitmo???

    I’ve always been curious about the motivation behind the left’s desperate desire to remove prisoners from Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The explanation that we shouldn’t have prisons outside of the US is belied by Obama’s continuation of the Rendition Program as well as the prison that we’re running in Afghanistan. Well, I guess that it’s pretty obvious now why. It looks like Obama is setting up to continue | Read More »

    Shiving Raul.

    Apparently Fidel Castro doesn’t quite understand that the best thing that he could do for Cuba right now is, well, die: Fidel Castro: Obama ‘misinterpreted’ Raul’s words HAVANA – Fidel Castro says President Barack Obama “misinterpreted” his brother Raul’s remarks regarding the United States and bristled at the suggestion that Cuba should free political prisoners or cut taxes on dollars people send to the island. | Read More »

    Rep Chris Smith (R, NJ) breaks out the big guns on Cuba

    Wow. David Freddoso reports this at NRO’s the corner. Fireworks on House Foreign Relations With an unusually dramatic display of placards bearing the photographs of Cuban political prisoners, Rep. Chris Smith (R, N.J.) began by urging Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to demand their unconditional release. This was the calm, bipartisan moment before the fireworks. Smith then questioned her rather vigorously over her reception of | Read More »