Red vs. Blue Instead of Blue vs. Gray

    I just had the weirdest thought….this country has not been as divided as it today since the War Between the States, A.K.A. The Civil War, some 140 + years ago. We are not divided over the issue of slavery or states rights like back then. Our divisions today include: socialism vs. capitalism pro-abortion vs. pro-life anti death penalty vs. pro death penalty open borders with | Read More »

    In Defense of Redstate…..

    In today’s New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote an op-ed about how Republicans are trying to “otherize” Barack Obama by playing up rumors of him being a secret Muslim or even the anti-Christ. In his column today, Kristof listed Redstate (along with Jerome Corsi) as one of the Republican institutions that was attempting to “otherize” Obama with the secret Muslim/anti-Christ rumors. Kristof even placed | Read More »

    Who do you really want running our country: Brooks & Dunn or Heart?

    Promoted, with my own observation: you current and former pop stars out there, think for a moment. Do you really think that the McCain campaign minds it when you loudly and explicitly disavow yourselves from him – and, thus, identify yourselves as being for Obama? I mean, you did catch the entire “celebrity” meme, right? – Moe Lane As yet another indication of the over-the-top | Read More »

    Views From The Hill Side

    Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian and Green Party member this election season, by all means resurrected and for the first time brought forth issues and discussions that in the long run help us shape and reshape our country into that more perfect union our founding fathers visualized 230 some odd years ago. It’s funny how things have a way to come | Read More »

    Culture11: Radically Taking on Culture

    Okay so had to have noticed that liberals dominate entertainment, culture and most things that are deemed “cool” in society (aside from guns, motorcycles and other badass endeavors of the sort). And Barack Obama sure isn’t oh-so-close to becoming President because he’s a great leader or has good credentials. He’s where he is because he reached into American culture and – *he got to them. | Read More »

    Frank Rich is an Awful Person

    I’m sure that you all remember the so called “disastrous” Senate race of former Virginia Senator George Allen back in 2006. However, it is extremely difficult to run a successful race of any kind when the mainstream media (particularly The Washington Post) is literally waging a jihad against you, but I digress. Anyway, you all are probably wondering what George Allen and Barack Obama have | Read More »

    Intellectually Excavating Indiana Jones Unearths Epistemological Artifacts

    As a discipline, archaeology examines the artistic and technological remains of various cultures in the attempt to learn more about them. Often from these objects, students learn about more than the subject’s material nature but also insight into the beliefs and paradigms important to the human species at a particular time.

    Dobson moments vs. Evangelical Election Days

    Evangelicals have been the most loyal GOP voters since Ronald Reagan brought them into the party in droves in 1980. They left their previous apathy or Democratic Party allegiance to vote for Republicans based on issues, not instructions from media appointed “leaders.” Given that, I was quite amused at all the teeth gnashing by certain libertarian and/or secular leaning conservatives last winter when Dr. James | Read More »

    It Was Disney

    So I’ve been out of town the last few weeks. The family and I took a huge road trip vacation in our brand new, cherry red, fuel efficient Chevy HHR. Yes gas is expensive. However, I’d saved up some gas rewards and MyPoints and managed to cover a lot of it. Yes, 12 hotel nights are expensive, but I’ve saved up hundreds of thousands of | Read More »



    The Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided that homosexuals should be able to marry. Conservative commentators have had a lot to say about the issue and specifically as it relates to the rights of the various other States to recognize marriage. That flapping and squawking sound you’re hearing is the chickens coming home to roost. Kind of like the swallows coming back to | Read More »

    Some Weekend Cultural Upliftenment – Romanian Lunch Menu

    This is the fish page from a lunch menu, photographed by your humble correspondent this past Monday in Oradea, Romania…. (A pity that flickr mucks up images, as the original is much clearer. Be sure to squint in to read the “subtitles” with each item!) Comments are encouraged….


    Glad to join the Red State community. I hope that you will find my posts to add value to the site.


    What’s that? Oh, right.. Too bad no one mentioned that before…

    Turns out bad stuff in the media DOES negatively affect children. Don’t mind us social conservatives and religious whack-os who have been railing against the objectification of people, especially women and young girls, for others’ perverse enjoyments (or even “innocent” marketing power): we’re already working on trying to undo the damage and prevent further similar damage in the future. There should be no finger pointing | Read More »


    Preacher: “Pour Out a Little Hennessy, Smoke a Bag of Weed If You Want To”

    This church is probably packed on Saturday nights. There is a case in Maryland involving a guy who allegedly ran over a police officer and killed him. The guy was arrested and, while in jail awaiting trial, somebody killed him. Not very good jail-keeping there. Anyway, the preacher at the dead guy’s funeral seems to have found some heretofore unknown Biblical guidance on grieving. The | Read More »

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