How many of us are Dorian Gray?

    “Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing.”  -Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray That quote is really all there is to say about this day and age. Many people have chosen to live by this creed and, with it, have spiraled further and further into hedonism and, | Read More »

    Dirk Diggler For President

    A few months ago, I was reading and just had to unplug and take a nice walk in the woods. It was that or the barf bag. It seems we were endorsing a somewhat defective Congressional Candidate from South Carolina. A man who generally had Conservative views when he did his thinking with the head attached to his neck. That, of course, was the Infamous Mark Sanford. We were promised up and down that he had figured out the tricky difference between Appalachian Trail and Argentinean Tail. Yep, he’s back in the saddle and it’s time to assess how that’s been working out for us. With Mark all elected, every opportunistic Dem was crowing about the hypocrisy of the “Family Values Party.”

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    How to be stupid

    Scientists spend a lot of time studying intelligence, and arguing over how it can be measured.  They should invest more effort in studying stupidity.  Intelligence is largely potential and theoretical, but stupidity is practical.  As a great philosopher once explained to her son, “Stupid is as stupid does.” The key ingredient in applied stupidity is lack of effort.  Intelligence without effort is a high-performance engine | Read More »

    On The Cover Of A Rolling Stone

    The year was 1972 and the Rock Group Dr. Hook paid light-hearted homage to the media presence that was then Rolling Stone Magazine in the video above. Getting your picture on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine was a significant career milestone. It differentiated rock stars from journeyman acts that hadn’t quite made it all the way up the ladder quite yet. In the year AD 2013, it appears the standards have fallen precipitously.

    As you can see in the picture above, this month’s issue features a murderous, delusional welfare bum who probably couldn’t figure out how to connect a Fender Strat-O-Caster to it’s attendent amp. Making it to the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine is yet another place where societal decline has set in and we all have to just accept a certain haunting sense of ennui. We should make allowances for the inevitable lowering of norms that comes with sacrificing previous cultural maxims to the vital and necessary dogmas of multicultural acceptance and diverse, coexistence within…WRRRRIIIPPP!!!!!

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    Egypt, America and Revolutionary War

    “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” Mao Tse-Tung (HT: I do not care is how an honest human being describes a | Read More »

    Tech at Night: A few words on the Playstation 4. A Traitor and the Glenns Greenwald? I should trust THEM?

    Tech at Night

    So, there’s a lot of hype about the Playstation 4 right now. It’s premature to get too hyped up about it though, for a few reasons:

    First, Sony (RIAA and MPAA member) has a much worse track record than Microsoft does about skinning the sheep when it comes to the customers. Note that even as one hand Monday was waving the used games bloody shirt, the other hand was announcing mandatory Playstation Plus. Sony did a masterful job Monday playing to the press and the social media, but you know who else did that? Barack Obama, and we know how much of the hype he lived up to.

    Second, I’m old enough to remember when Sony fanboys were outraged about Xbox 360’s paid Live account requirements, and how Playstation 3 was allegedly better because you got the full feature set built-in with a free PSN account. Well, sometime along the way, PS3 got the same paid account bonuses Xbox 360 had. Funny that. So what happens if Sony changes their mind again, this time about used games, a year or two down the line?

    Third, this is a five year war. Let’s say nothing changes from now. What happens if Microsoft wins the exclusives war because of the used games feature? EA didn’t cancel online passes out of the goodness of their hearts, folks.

    Fourth, I’m also old enough to remember how I was told the last generation was supposed to be a war between Microsoft and Sony, when Nintendo’s innovation won the day. Well, now Sony and Microsoft are all about motion controls, while Nintendo’s shipping a tablet and possibly going online with Pokemon. Too early to declare winners or losers. Again, this is a five year war.

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    The social triangle

    Three great forces shape a society: culture, politics, and economics.  Each of them influences the other. The late Andrew Breitbart famously observed that politics are “downstream” of culture.  In other words, culture shapes political expectations.  People tend to vote in favor of issues and candidates that enjoy cultural approval.  Political commentators often refer to the “Overton window,” which covers the range of “acceptable” positions candidates | Read More »

    Doctors of Death

    “Mengele ran a butcher shop-major surgeries were performed without anesthesia. Once, I witnessed a stomach operation- Mengele was removing pieces from the stomach, but without any anesthetic. Another time, it was a heart that was removed, again without anesthesia. It was horrifying.” -Auschwitz survivor Alex Dekel The trial of Kermit Gosnell, abortion provider, has concluded, and a conviction for multiple murders was rendered. But the atrocities that | Read More »

    Yes, We Are Doomed… But Why?

    This article was originally posted on my personal site: The stories making the headlines around the country ought to make Americans pretty ashamed of ourselves. We ought to be humbled by our mistakes and failures. We ought to admit where we have gone wrong and be seeking to right the ship and set sail on a true-er course. But no, how do we respond? “America is the greatest | Read More »

    Final Thoughts on Redefining Marriage

    If I were to be invited to a masquerade ball or costume party, I think it would be fun to go as Abraham Lincoln. I would get the stovepipe hat and long full beard and practice my speech making voice; reciting the Gettysburg Address until I had it memorized. The other guests at the party would greet me as Mr. President as they smiled and | Read More »

    On Conservatives And Culture

    Well over a year ago while filling in for Glenn Beck I said this on conservatives and culture: Here’s a lesson for conservative artists, too: as Dez Dickerson told me (he played guitar for Prince), be judged on the merit of your work, not because of your ideology. Make your art beyond reproach. Going out and buying crappy art from someone just because they are | Read More »

    On Conservatives And Culture

    Well over a year ago while filling in for Glenn Beck I said this on conservatives and culture: Here’s a lesson for conservative artists, too: as Dez Dickerson told me (he played guitar for Prince), be judged on the merit of your work, not because of your ideology. Make your art beyond reproach. Going out and buying crappy art from someone just because they are | Read More »

    Government, Culture and Freedom

    At the very dawn of our republic, John Adams uttered a prophetic phrase that rings through time to the present age. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Often we who love small government forget that culture, that is, “We the People” are the one’s who shape our government first, not | Read More »

    “Hey, Look! Is That Somebody Famous?”

    When Mom and Dad were first married they moved to the “Land of Oz”, (California) and directly to the “Emerald City”, (Los Angeles); home of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, swimming pools and movie stars. In those simpler times, one of their favorite entertainment activities was to drive around Beverly Hills and look for movie stars. Up and down Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard | Read More »

    Political Correctness, Bullying and other BS

    Some lessons need to be learned: You can tell your child a million times, “don’t touch the stove, it’s hot,” or you can tell them once, let them touch it, and they quickly figure it out.  Some will think I am evil, but the fact is it’s effective. Choices are a part of life; the wrong ones will burn you. Traditionally in America, we have | Read More »

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