DEMOCRAT Strickland Judicial Appointee Arrested on Corruption Charges

    Between Mahoning (my home) and Cuyahoga counties, you’d think Ohioans would stop trust Democrats entirely. (For clarification, I’ve provided party identifications, since the reporters unexpectedly failed to do so.) In a slew of arrests this morning in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland area) Judge Steven Terry was hauled in by the FBI as part of a broad corruption investigation. Terry was appointed by DEMOCRAT Governor Ted Strickland | Read More »

    Ohio state Senator racially slurred…

    …but it’s all right: she wasn’t being a proper Democrat, anyway. CLEVELAND, OHIO — A controversial editorial cartoon in the Call & Post, a weekly Cleveland newspaper with a large black readership, has increased the racial and political tensions surrounding Cuyahoga County government reform and one of its key backers. The cartoon, which appeared on the front page of Wednesday’s paper, depicts State. Sen. Nina | Read More »

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