Report: WH in full CYA/BDS mode over Christmas attack.

    A quick survey of priorities: In 2001, the American government’s response to a successful series of terrorist attacks was to look outwards to see who to hit for this*. In 2009, the American government’s response to an only-because-we-got-lucky unsuccessful terrorist attack was to look inwards to see who to blame for this. (H/T: Nice Deb) I think that, all things considered, I prefer the first | Read More »

    Mr. President, Put Up Or Be Quiet

    Dear Mr. President: I read with great interest your Op-Ed in the Washington Post today. In it you state that every day without passage of your stimulus bill leads us further and further into the abyss. You further make the extraordinary claim that if this bill fails to pass, the United States may reach the point of no return. For a nation that has bounced | Read More »