The Constitutionality of Czars

    Since my first post was a bit controversial and I may have rubbed some people the wrong way I hope this is less irritating. The resignation (probable force out) of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones got me thinking today and I pulled out my copy of the U.S. Constitution (if you don’t have one handy I recommend Cornell Laws Online version: ).  Under Article II, | Read More »

    On “vetting” and the Czars

    If you were to search Google News this morning for the word “vetting”, you’d find well over 1500 hits in relation to that word and the Van Jones story.  The current meme is that Jones was not sufficiently vetted by the Obama administration – that his shortcomings and controversial positions were not exposed, primarily because he was an appointed “czar” with no Congressional approval or | Read More »

    Who’s Minding The Store?

    Its impossible to turn on the television these days without being subjected to President Obama pitching one thing or another. In addition to the obsessive 24/7 media coverage of his dog, his wife and his latest sound bite, we also have our President appearing several times a day to lecture the American people on the virtues of being a good father and the virtues of | Read More »

    Czars – Direct Violation of Constitution

    It seems pretty clear to me that the Constitutions grants the President NO POWER to create the positions for persons of high authority in the Executive Branch unless such offices are established by the Constitution or by Law. Impeach him now. Article II Section 2 – Civilian Power over Military, Cabinet, Pardon Power, Appointments The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and | Read More »

    The Great Texting Summit ‘09

    Promoted from the diaries by Caleb While the Texting Whilst Driving Summit is pretty low on the totem pole of issues and problems, apparently Obama doesn’t think so. And I think it also serves to finally put a nail in the “Obama is SOOOO smart” coffin. Please, can we finally put that to rest? I’ll say it first; as an evil Radical RightWing Extremist, I’m | Read More »

    The Czars of Obama

    Of the many things that are out-of-hand with this administration, this is one of them.  The czars of Obama, who no doubt considers himself czar above all czars. Who knows what the next ones will be – perhaps the Apology Czar – charged with making sure Obama continues to apologize to any and all for all things American.  Or maybe a Census Czar, which would | Read More »

    It Took Russia Three Centuries To Do What Obama Did In Three Months

    Russia in terms of land mass is the largest country on the the planet.  Its size spans ten different time zones, and overlaps two continents (Europe and Asia).  This country introduced to the rest of the world the concept of a Czar, and President Obama has moved with lightening speed on this concept.  The appeal of the czar rests on the belief that if we | Read More »

    Too Many Czars

    The point of a czar — in the White House, if not the Kremlin — is to give one person the power to coordinate activities among a number of federal departments and offices, to achieve one overarching purpose. For a few priorities that cross jurisdictional boundaries, it’s sometimes useful to have one person with the clout to override senior officials to achieve the goal. But | Read More »

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