Something’s up big-time with foreign embassy bank accounts in America.

    Look, just because a senior executive of JP Morgan Chase hopped on board last week as Obama’s Chief Of Staff and is a long-time friend of his from Chicago too, doesn’t mean there’s any kind of shenanigans going on with JP Morgan Chase ordering all foreign embassy bank accounts closed throughout their company. Of course, it’s a foreign media outlet with the story (AFP). A | Read More »

    A Rahm Set Out To Pasture

    Let’s say you run a Presidential Administration that takes on some water. It takes on water in a manner reminiscent of The USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. It’s not over after the Germans get done bombing, but things are looking pretty bad there. Somebody has to fall on the gladius and take the blame. Pearl Harbor Day for this administration appears to be scheduled one | Read More »


    The belly of the beast – Chicago

    So things around here in Chicago have been *interesting* as of late. According to the Chicago Tribune, Cook County board president Todd Stroger’s approval rating is down to 10%, something with Stroger himself is now furiously disputing.  After all, after inheriting the position and scandals related to hiring, as well as imposing a sales tax hike which resulted in the city of Chicago having the | Read More »

    Chicago’s Elite and Radicals: One Close Family

    I imagine if you call the office of a Chicago politician or prominent Chicago university it must go something like this. Press 1 for hours and location Press 2 for information on new projects Press 3 for ways to contribute Press 4 if you are a domestic terrorist seeking public funding or a professorship Chicago is obviously a place filled with radicals. The more interesting | Read More »

    Is the LA Times covering for Daley?

    Most people have overlooked the fact that Sen Barack Obama wasn’t the only guest at Rashid Khalidi’s farewell. The guest list included Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who would surely be embarrassed by the release of the tape of the event currently being held by the L.A. Times. The fact that the L.A. newspaper is owned by the Tribune Company of Chicago is of more than | Read More »