Twitter Smear Update: Olbermann Redacts His Failure To Retract

    I’ve previously written at length about Keith Olbermann smearing Twitter and Dan Cooper, suggesting that they, along with Fox News, conspired to defraud America by setting up a fake Twitter account in Keith’s name. As we all know by now, Keith couldn’t have done a worse job with that segment. Not only was the Twitter account legit, he actually had a second account for his | Read More »

    New Revelations In Case of Olbermann v. Twitter

    On Thursday, Twitter was atwitter and blogs were abuzz about Keith Olbermann’s embarrassing “Worst Person” fail, following a post by Greg Pollowitz at National Review Online highlighting the hilarity. Olbermann named Twitter his “Worst Person in the World” because he mistakenly believed he wasn’t on Twitter. He was. So I thought I’d do something that Olbermann’s entire staff consistently fails to do: research. The first | Read More »