Whopper of the week

    The Anchorage Daily News finally admits that Dan Fagan told a couple of whoppers: Dan Fagan’s column on Page B-4 Sunday mischaracterized federal regulations regarding apprenticeship programs. Those regulations do not require all apprentice candidates to have a high school diploma; an apprenticeship program may decide for itself whether its admission criteria mandate a diploma. There are more than 90 electrical apprenticeship sponsors in Alaska, not three | Read More »

    Politics is tougher in Alaska, too

    The History Channel series ”Tougher in Alaska” is all about survival in an environment so harsh that most of us in the lower 48 can barely even imagine ourselves in some of the scenes the program brings to our television screens. The producers should do a segment on Alaska politics. While that particular activity takes place mostly indoors, out of the severely cold weather the 49th state | Read More »