The Daily Beast Doesn’t Like @DaveRamsey’s Faith

    The Daily Beast has a piece out this morning calling into question the business leadership practices of Dave Ramsey, a personal finance guru with an eight million listener radio show, the highest-ranked non-political talk show out there. The story alleges that Ramsey has been on a witch hunt against former employees who are critics of his company, the Lampo Group. Dave Ramsey makes millions telling | Read More »

    The Monster In The Mirror: Dark Enlightenment On Why People Hate The West

    I can see the merit of gaining a reasonable comprehension of why people would willing let themselves be subjected to vile indignity until more explosives could be inserted as a suppository for when they blew themselves up in our general vicinity. The unsentimental former Soldier in me considers the mundane obvious. More explosives equals higher P(h)*P(k)*. Quaint; but this doesn’t quite give us the whole story.

    Somebody has to actually be willing to accept a truly uncivilized level of personal depravity and denigration to earn that higher P(h)*P(k). Can you think of anyone that you actually know and interact with that you hate that much? Can you imagine any enemy of non-biblical proportions that you would hate that much on general principles? When our enemies are willing to suffer vile and repulsive things so that they can blow us up; then they see something terrible when they look upon us. I can only reach the logical conclusion that we have quite the image problem. When you are given the gift to see yourself as others see you, you will quite probably encounter The Monster in The Mirror.

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    The “Consider This!” Podcast, Episode 56: Debt Limit Flip-Flops, and the ObamaCare Math

    The latest episode of the “Consider This!” podcast is out. Conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. I had a nice conversation with a Twitter follower on the flipping and flopping may Democrats have done on the whole debt limit issue. They were very much against raising it until one of their guys is sitting in the White House. What a difference an administration makes! I was | Read More »