Palin Fear

    A lot of us have wondered why Obama spokestoad Robert Gibbs has been taking every available opportunity to belittle Sarah Palin. It is always unseemly when a paid representative of the President uses his position and taxpayer time to slag on a private citizen or a new organization. Unseemly, of course, is part of the ambiance that you get with the current administration but the | Read More »

    David Broder seems to have a problem with history.

    (HT: Hot Air Headlines) In the process of trying to ‘convince’ the President to not re-energize the Right by starting witch hunts over interrogation – and in the process of mischaracterizing a largely Democratic party-spawned complaint over AIG bonuses as ‘populist’ – David Broder quite accidentally said something foolish: Obama, to his credit, has ended one of the darkest chapters of American history, when certain | Read More »