(VIDEO) WHAT? David Brooks Thinks Ted Cruz Is Satanic!?

    Ted Cruz is living rent-free in the heads of the establishments of both parties. The results can be hilarious. Take, for instance, this installment of PBS Newshour in which David Brooks turns into a gibbering idiot.

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    Your Laugh For the Day

    To be fair, David Corn has been one of the Clinton critics from the left. But he will fall in line as she solidifies her nomination. That may mean, for him, that he turns his fire on the right and bites his tongue about Hillary, but it will happen. That is why I find this to be so funny. You and I both know the | Read More »

    But Journolist Was Okay, Right?

    But Journolist Was Okay, Right?

    When Journolist, the liberal group of journalists and wonks, was discovered, David Corn was down right dismissive. Mother Jones‘s D.C. Bureau Chief and Politics Daily columnist David Corn isn’t buying the whole liberal journalism conspiracy theory about Journolist as portrayed in a series of stories in The Daily Caller this week. In his view, Journolist was a progressive place for a group of “progressive journalists” | Read More »

    Foxhole Confessions

    Democrats under siege are now calling to the heavens for help, or at least that is the story.  After serious shelling by opponents, Obama and the Democrats have seen the light.  They are ready to listen to the American people and change their errant ways, if we only give them another chance.  They were atheists (socialists), but are now believers (capitalists).  But, in order for this | Read More »