The Palin Computer Hacker in Court

    Mike Kernell is a Democrat the Tennessee house of representatives. here is the story of what his son did. Below is a link that tells you more about Mike Kernell. The question is why David Kernell hack into Sarah Palin’s computer email and why? Just Pure stupidity? I don’t know. If was for political gain, then it’s a sad commentary that a | Read More »

    Hey, they indicted that Democrat who hacked Palin’s email!

    Caleb Howe has the details about David Kernell. Please remember: there is no indication at this time that Tennessee Democrat Mike Kernell (the father of David Kernell) was involved in this felonious assault on Sarah Palin. Likewise, at this moment there is no indication that David Kernell enlisted or accepted the help of any other Democrat or Democratic organization in his alleged crime. Right now | Read More »

    Will the Real Mike Kernell Please Log On

    I posted on the David Kernell as hacker story the day the news broke. I was clear we were dealing with allegations and not confirmations and, thus, have stayed out of ongoing coverage of the story to see how it developed. Many stories dealt with the possible involvement of Kernell’s father, Tennessee Democratic House member, Mike Kernell. As Stacey Campfield, also a Tennessee House member, | Read More »