Today’s Headlines — Jan. 2, 2009 Obama faces Mexican drug war Cartels’ turf fights escalate and threaten to spread into U.S. — Pakistan drives militants into trap U.S. coalition girds at border —

    New Friends for Sidwell

    Townhall’s Amanda Carpenter is reporting Barack and Michelle Obama have selected Sidwell Friends – the same school Chelsea Clinton attended – for their two girls, Sasha and Malia.Sasha, 7, and

    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 19, 2008 Intel panel foresees lesser U.S. role Steele chastises ‘country club’ GOP eyes posts for Cleland, Holder bailout could stall on the Hill let Lieberman keep post names Bowie priest

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    Americans for Prosperity

    The Kansas AFP chapter is flying me out to DC and I was curious if anyone else is going. I believe Redstate’s own Eric Erickson will be a speaker. If

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    DC Area RedState’rs, Lets All Go!

    In a previous post, I told my sad tale of going down to DC Friday to get in the House gallery and support the GOP drilling protest. Unfortunately, they shut

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