Democrat worries showing up in their work

    This is Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican representing the 46th Congressional District. This is the title of a press release put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, per the LA Times: Not an April Fools’ Day Joke: Representative Dana Rohrabacher Caught Trying to Take Credit for Jobs She Voted Against It’s clear that the Democrats have done so little research on their targeted Republicans that | Read More »

    Oh, *no*. *More* political maps inciting violence!

    Putting targets on Congressmen! They even explicitly used the word ‘targeting!’ Those awful Republicans! …Oh, wait, that’s a DCCC map.  Dated February of this year.  Look at it fast, before they sanitize. Verum Serum has much, much more; including one more Democratic map from 2004 (which includes the perfectly nonviolent phrase ‘Behind Enemy Lines’).  Look, I know that the DCCC pulls in its personnel from | Read More »

    Reviewing the February 2010 Fundraising numbers.

    Well, well, well. Short version? All three Republican national committees raised more than their Democratic counterparts for the first time in… well, a while. A while. Raised CoH Debts RNC 7.69 9.46 0.00 DNC 7.42 10.74 3.72 NRSC 4.60 12.86 0.00 DSCC 4.00 14.30 0.42 NRCC 5.08 6.06 0.00 DCCC 4.35 19.82 0.67 GOP 17.37 28.38 0.00 Dem 15.77 44.86 4.81

    Reviewing the January 2010 fundraising numbers.

    The combination of CPAC and a reduced feeling of urgency delayed this for a couple of days, but here are the numbers for January.  Short version: RNC over DNC, effective ties (as in, less than 10K/20K differences ) for the Congressional and Senatorial committees, and the Democrats retain their cash-on-hand advantage. Raised CoH Debts RNC 10.53 9.48 0.00 DNC 9.19 10.20 4.68 NRSC 5.01 10.65 | Read More »

    Reviewing the December Fundraising Numbers.

    It’s that time again. Short version: RNC above DNC, DNC took a big cash on hand hit, NRSC over DSCC in the biggest shocker, NRCC/DCCC more or less the same, DCCC has a big CoH advantage, and blessed if I know how much any of this means, post-Citizens’ United and post-Brown. Raised CoH Debts RNC 6.84 8.42 0.00 DNC 4.54 8.67 4.69 NRSC 4.10 8.30 | Read More »

    Old Narrative: DCCC cash advantage = No GOP gains.

    New narrative: The DCCC’s cash advantage is, at the moment, an important circuit breaker for 2010. For all the factors that point to big GOP House gains, it is the cash disparity could mean the difference between a bad year for Democrats and a really bad year. At this rate, by June we’ll be hearing how the DCCC’s cash advantage will at least keep the | Read More »

    Reviewing the November Fundraising Numbers.

    It’s that time again. Short version: the RNC & NRSC beat out their Democratic counterparts – which is odd, considering that they’re the groups giving the Republican base the most aggravation; the NRCC pulled in less than the DCCC; the Democrats have a pretty good COH advantage (although the RNC spent a bunch of money in November); and the Democrats apparently aren’t planning to retire | Read More »

    DCCC: Expect more Democratic retirements in the next two weeks.

    The Washington Post, on fallout from the recent retirements of Democratic members of Congress: What most concerns Democrats is that the latest round of retirements will prompt other longtime lawmakers in competitive districts to rethink their reelection plans, [former DCCC Chair Martin] Frost said. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, acknowledged that “some more” Democratic retirements will be announced | Read More »

    James Carville Upset Over Something Called ‘Heath Insurance’

    The NRCC The GOP has come up with a great way for activists who do not trust the NRCC to get involved in defeating Democrats. [Editor’s Note: A friend at the NRCC highlighted this and so I thought the NRCC put it together. I’m told that, per the disclaimer on the website, this is a project of the various victory funds for the 24 races | Read More »

    Reviewing the October fundraising numbers.

    As promised. Short version: DNC beat RNC, NRSC edged DSCC, DCCC edged NRCC, and cash on hand would worry me more if the GOP hadn’t just removed the NJ & VA governorships from the Democrats and essentially handed NY-23 as part of a unfortunate but necessary life lesson to the GOP leadership. RNC 9.06 11.29 0.00 DNC 11.58 12.96 4.40 NRSC 4.00 5.80 0.00 DSCC | Read More »

    Reviewing the September fundraising numbers.

    It’s that time again.  Short version: RNC beat DNC, but DSCC & DCCC significantly outraised their counterparts – sufficiently so that the Democrats raised more overall for the month.  When debt is factored in, the Democrats also went from being significantly behind on cash-on-hand to being slightly ahead.  That being said: the RNC and NRCC are both reporting significant increases in small-person donors. Raised CoH | Read More »

    Reviewing the August Fundraising numbers.

    Wouldn’t you know it: I decide not to do anything consequential and the fundraising numbers become available. Short version: the GOP out-raised the Democrats for the first time since April; the NRSC beat out the DSCC for the second month; the NRCC continues to stay essentially tied with the DCCC; and the Democrats aren’t paying their debt down. Raised CoH Debts RNC 7.87 20.97 0.00 | Read More »

    Reviewing the July Fundraising numbers.

    Short version: Democrats had a good month for the DNC – they beat out the RNC for a change – which was enough to let them end with a edge in amount raised and total cash-on-hand of a couple million. Fortunately, July fundraising for the congressional and senatorial committees was not a repeat of June’s: despite their having a significant edge in membership, the DSCC | Read More »

    ‘How they confirm Supreme Court judges.’

    The confirmation of judges to the United States Supreme Court is a process that is exclusively the responsibility of the United States Senate.  A candidate (like Ms. Sotomayor) is brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee for evaluation/grilling: once she makes it out of the committee (it’s generally considered a good idea to have at least one crossover vote), she is then voted on by the | Read More »

    Reviewing the June fundraising numbers.

    Short version: the Democrats had a good month in their Congressional/Senatorial Committee fundraising (double their previous month’s totals, as well as double their Republican counterparts); the RNC is back to outraising the DNC; cash on hand is at parity, except that the GOP is running with a debt that’s 1/10th of their total and the Democrats are running with one that’s half; and this is | Read More »