Jne fundraising: NRCC and DCCC

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had its strongest monthly fundraising performance to date in June, and now holds more cash-on-hand that outstanding debt for the first time this year. Aided by a fundraiser headlined by President Obama, the DCCC raised $7.15 million – twice as much as the NRCC’s fundraising haul over the month. It now has $9.73 million cash-on-hand, and owes $6 million in | Read More »

    DCCC to Republicans: Stop ‘Playing Politics’ with the Troops

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced Friday it will launch a series of district-specific radio ads targeting vulnerable Republicans who voted against President Obama’s controversial war supplemental package. As a matter of national security in years past Republicans have shown tremendous support for similar measures, however last week they voted en bloc against the $106 billion appropriations bill. The Democratic Leadership and the DCCC would | Read More »

    Reviewing the May fundraising numbers.

    Yup, it’s that time again.  Short version: the DNC beat the RNC last month, thanks to a Presidential fundraiser; but the NRSC actually raised more money last month than the DSCC; and the DCCC raised only about 200K more than the NRCC.  While the cash-on-hand edge for the GOP is less than it was last month’s, it’s because the Democrats are still not retiring their | Read More »

    Obama Not Solving Democrat Money Woes

    When Democrats gained a firm lock on all the power in Washington, one thing that seemed sure to follow was a huge edge in fundraising. After all, Barack Obama is a one-man money machine, and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would surely be able to raise tons of cash from industries worried how Congress might treat them. Instead, their fundraising has been lackluster – and | Read More »

    Reviewing the April fundraising numbers.

    Short version: the DNC kept quiet about its fundraising for a reason; the NRSC & DSCC remain tied in their ability to bring in cash; the DCCC is underperforming; and that debt problem is still looming for the Democrats. Raised CoH Debts RNC 5.76 24.38 0.00 DNC 4.52 9.09 5.42 NRSC 2.93 2.65 0.00 DSCC 3.13 2.63 4.58 NRCC 2.23 3.69 5.00 DCCC 3.05 4.03 | Read More »

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    Reviewing the March 2009 fundraising numbers.

    OK, it looks like all the numbers are in. Executive summary: the DNC needs the President to survive, the NRSC is continuing to hold steady, and while the NRCC is probably thankful that the DCCC is debt-ridden, it needs to get on the stick. Raised CoH Debt RNC 6.7 23.9 0 DNC 7.57 9.7 6.9 NRSC 4.94 2.7 1 DSCC 5 7.2 10.8 NRCC 5.3 | Read More »

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    And so the 2010 fundraising cycle begins.

    Via Andrew Malcolm we see that Obama’s first Presidential fundraiser is scheduled for March 25th, for the DNC. Currently, the Democrats are trying to lower expectations, which… doesn’t mean much of anything, really. They did a lot of that last year to heighten their eventual totals, and it worked out pretty well for them.

    Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. What about Ted Kennedy?

    UPDATED: Hat tip to all the commenters and Caleb who suggest if the Dems are offended, we just call it the Mary Jo Kopechne Memorial Health Care Act. After all, she is already dead. — Erick We can objectively conclude this morning that the Democrats are trying to distract attention from their failures by pointing fingers at Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday afternoon, it reached a level | Read More »

    Dems Begin Lowering Expectations on 2010

    It was bound to happen. “I’m not predicting any third waves here,” the Maryland Democrat said in remarks at a forum sponsored by Georgetown University and Politico. “If you look at first midterm elections historically, the president’s party loses seats,” he said. “The historical trend is pretty clear for Democrats.” Rather than trying to expand the Democratic House majority in 2010, Van Hollen believes his job | Read More »

    What Is It with Democrats and Taxes?

    I wrote yesterday about Scott Murphy — the Democrat candidate for Kirsten Gillibrand’s old House seat. I pointed out that he was trying to send part of his resume down the memory hole — suddenly erasing from his biography his role in starting an Indian rival to Ebay. I pointed out that he’d also had problems paying his taxes in the past. But now I | Read More »

    Our Vision vs. Their Attacks

    The DCCC is launching a campaign against 28 Republican representatives. The official title of this campaign is Putting Families First. <a href=”http://dccc.org/blog/archives/dccc_announces_families_first_ad_campaign/” target=”_blank”><strong><span style=”color:#cc0000;”>In their press release</span></strong></a>, they make this outlandish statement: <blockquote>House Republicans just don’t get it. They celebrate being the party of no and status quo, while more than 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs, the stock market has plummeted wiping out | Read More »

    He’s what you might call…a strategerist…and a fine one at that

    A good subtitle would be “In Which I gush about House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)“.   I read a nice tidbit about Rep. Cantor that I got via The New Ledger h/t Erick Erickson.  The Ambinder article is about Rep. Cantor’s counter to the DCCC’s assualt on, private citizen, Rush Limbaugh.   Rep. Cantor is calling the President’s and his party’s bluff.  The people voted for | Read More »

    The DCCC Still Raising Money for Mahoney

    Wow, that’s pretty pathetic. Two years ago the DCCC gave the NRCC hell for raising any money for Mark Foley right after the sex(less) scandal broke. Well, today, the DCC still has Mahoney on its fundraising page. Surely they aren’t trying to minimize the sex scandal. And aren’t they just hurting other candidates? But, let’s be honest, it’s on the GOP that isn’t allowed to | Read More »

    Howard Dean’s DNC Negates Obama’s Cash Edge

    Barack Obama released his August fundraising numbers today, and it was an impressive haul: $66 million — the best month ever for a presidential candidate. Interestingly, Obama’s campaign hasn’t addressed why they felt compelled to release this information a week earlier than they had planned. Given the spate of bad news about the direction of the campaign, you have to think it was to stanch | Read More »

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