Stop Obamacide!

    It is quite clear that the deceptively-named “Affordable Care Act” (aka Obamacare), was NOT supported by “We the People” when it was crammed down our throats three years ago so we could “see what’s in it”.  Its popularity has plummeted since then as we’ve found out. Support has dwindled in recent months among the middle and lower classes whose very jobs are threatened by it | Read More »

    Clear Contrasts for Conservatives

    In August and September there are several critical Republican Senate primaries pitting ObamaCare fighters against ObamaCare appeasers.  Most significantly are the matchups between Senator Murkowski vs. Joe Miller in Alaska, Rep.  Jerry Moran vs. Rep. Todd Tiahrt in Kansas, and Rep. Mike Castle vs. Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.  All three present conservatives clear contrasts where our activism can make all the difference. In the Kansas | Read More »