Dealergate Lawsuit Pending

    Dealergate hasn’t gone away.  Indeed, WorldNetDaily, TheRightSideofLife blog, another blogger called Devvy, and an Examiner journalist by the name of Dianna Cotter are each reporting that a group of disenfranchised auto dealers will shortly file a lawsuit against President Obama and his administration.  The lead plaintiff is Jim Anderer, a Chrysler dealer who lost his franchise.  Anderer was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on May 18, | Read More »

    Fatherly Wisdom

    I had a nice phone conversation with my father this evening.  He ran a GM dealership for just over twenty years, and he can remember a time when they moved 146 cars in one month…     The reason for the conversation though was to get some advice for a friend of mine.  My friend just took a teaching job, bought a new car and | Read More »

    Interview with a *former* GM dealer

    On May 20, the Anchorage Daily News ran a story with the headline: “Is Obama closing the Soldotna dealership?” Staff writer Sean Cockerman in Anchorage wrote the following: Gov. Sarah Palin’s new statement criticizing Barack Obama blames the president for the closure of a Soldotna car dealership. But the dealership tells me it’s not closing. Here’s the relevant part of the statement Palin put out | Read More »