Economic Moral Asymmetry: Deathcare Edition

    The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people. – Congressman John Dingell (D!-MI). (HT: The American Thinker). I find it just lovely when a member | Read More »

    Welcome To The Desert of The Real

    The kabuki theater ends and Stupak is as Stupak does. We get Healthcare by a 219-212 margin, whether we were sick in the first place or not. So, since we all get to munch down on this delicious crap sandwich, let’s be honest here and clear up some misconceptions about the particular flavor we can expect. The bill will cost way more than anybody claims | Read More »

    Explain To Me Again Why I’m Supposed to Feel Sorry For Bart Stupak.

    Nobody likes living through that early, painful Bushmills-soaked morning after. It doesn’t matter why you drank the Bushmills – career failure, relationships, etc. You’ve hit bottom, broken a coccyx and aren’t really sure you care what happens next. You’d just like the whole darn thing, whatever that particular disaster may be, to just unwind and stop. Such was the fatalistic defeatism in the words of | Read More »

    Get Rich or Don’t Kill Yourself Trying

    Senator Max Baucus may have just earned himself a new nickname – “The Prestidigitator.” The recent CBO scoring of his new proposed Health Care Mandate seems to suggest he pulled the rabbit out of the hat. Presto! We can now afford to spend $900Bn we do not have on health insurance for people who can’t afford it. Yet this ability to balance the cash flow | Read More »

    The Nonexistent Provision

    Click the image to see a larger (more readable) version. – TobyToons

    The Final Cut. (The Doctor Wants to See You. Bring Your Last Will and Testament.)

    Late summer is a special time in the life of every football addict. I’ve loved being able to follow my beloved Deadskins through every workout this camp via the sports bloggers at The Washington Times. Yet a certain dread accompanies the hope and excitement that every NFL franchise brings to training camp. It’s towards the end of the exercise when The Turk rears his ugly head and young men’s dreams of stardom come crashing to an end.

    Who is this Turk? He is the individual assigned by the organization to go to a player’s room, knock on his door and utter those dreaded words: “The coach wants to see you–and bring your playbook.” In short, the Turk is the NFL version of the Grim Reaper.

    The decision to cut or keep a player gets driven by two sparse resources; money and rosters spots. The team only has so much payroll space, under the salary cap, and the coach has only so many roster slots to fill with the skill sets he desires for the coming season. Of course, NFL players like Kurt Warner have survived being cut to get their lives back together and succeed magnificently. The same may not be true for older Americans who get similar news from their doctors.

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    Rationing DeathCare

    Much has been said about how healthcare will have to be rationed under the Universal Health Care proposals being put forth by President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress. If they are successful in getting their plan enacted, it will only be a matter of time before the government has complete control over not only our healthcare, but our deathcare as well. Anecdotal stories never tell | Read More »

    The Honorable Congressman Parker Griffith Responds to RMJ.

    I wrote the Good Pay-Dawg Democrat who represents me in Congress a rather heartfelt and somewhat challenging letter regarding the Obamacare fiasco on its way through the Waxman Committee as we speak. He responded back. Presented w/o further comment, Congressman Parker Griffith.

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    Why, Oh Why Did America Take The Blue Pill?

    The Democrats demand the centralization of power. The promises they bandied so freely during the silly season of campaigning are all negotiable. They remain liable for betrayal in furtherance of that overdetermining directive. They will have power. They will assume control.

    “What is the Matrix? Control.” – Morpheus

    To look at what the Democrats actually propose is to see their lust for unbridled control. This autocratic overdrive stands revealed in the hard black and white print of legislation before the houses of Congress. The Democratic Party’s domineering contempt for limited government became blindly obvious during the debate over Cap and Trade Legislation.

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    Of Socialism and Sedatives (Bedtime for Democracy)

    The President assures us all that things are OK and that we all can ignore arguments against his policies. Relax, and go back to sleep America. Take the sedatives and socialism won’t hurt a bit. If we the people allow it, the Obama Administration can be a cozy, relaxing Bedtime for Democracy.

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    Our Ignorance Is His Strength

    Promoted by Jeff President Barack Obama refuses to release mid year budget numbers on the traditional reporting date. He has put this off until Congress goes into recess for the summer. He does so because he wants both houses of Congress to pass expensive legislation and then adjourn for their August break without the public knowing how poorly Presbud2009 is currently performing. The Associated Press | Read More »