It is shocking how so many people are enamored by form over substance. Where’s the beef? Such a Hollywood mentality is so shallow. Pretty boys and smooth talkers don’t impress me. However the battle scars of dedicated sacrificial service and the wrinkles of mature wisdom do! I enjoy Hollywood entertainment. But we need much more than entertainment! We are in a national/global crisis. The artificial | Read More »

    Joe Plumbers of the World Unite

    It wasn’t exactly a Red Dawn moment but it is as close as John McCain has come to date.McCain finally put the face paint on and sounded the alarm for America’s productive, play-by-the-rules class that Barack Obama and his spread-the-wealth, leftist guerillas are advancing.McCain’s Manifesto in Wednesday night’s final Presidential debate: Joe the Plumbers of the World Unite!McCain capitalized on Comrade Obama’s unintentional moment of | Read More »

    McCain’s missed opportunities

    Jay Nordlinger wrote down a list of 43 observations on last night’s debate, over the national review’s corner. Unfortunately, he thought McCain’s performance was mediocre. First, stylistically, McCain came across as angry, grumpy, and old. Obama was crisp, articulate, and dare I say, looked presidential. Nordlinger also confirmed my earlier observation that even in terms of content, McCain missed crucial opportunities. His description of John | Read More »

    The Word McCain Failed to Use…

    The final October 15 debate between John McCain and Barack Obama could have been a slam-dunk for McCain except that he failed to say one certain word.Throughout the debate, McCain did a good job of delineating the difference between himself and Obama. He talked about the reality of keeping taxes low to expand business. But rather than simply debating this program and that, McCain should | Read More »

    “Senator Government”

    Anybody catch that? JM inadvertently called Obama “Senator Government” before correcting himself to “Obama”, but what a powerful Freudian slip.If properly played out as a sound bite it could be as powerful as Tiger Woods’ “Nike moment” a couple of years ago.

    MI Morning Update 10-16-2008

    19 Days Until Election DayOctober 16, 2008QUOTE OF THE DAY:“Facts are facts and records are records”. John McCain responding to Obama on his Ayers association.   MORNING UPDATE:   THE DEBATE…McCain did great…John McCain was John McCain…talks about ACORN, Ayers and the fact he has spent more money than any other candidate on negative campaigning…in history.  Caling Obama “Senator Government” was precious, if the shoe | Read More »

    Obama’s Sense of Humor

    As others have observed, the debate last night was pretty intense. I was glad to see that Barack Obama was able to inject a little humor into a tough situation.How’s that? You missed the joke?You must have heard it. It was about health care. The punch line was, “The government will reduce your costs.”

    Joe the Plumber

    The Perky one interviwed “Joe the Plumber” after last night’s debate.He had a great observation. Obama speaks elequently, but where’s the action to back it up.Here’s the video.Watch CBS Videos Online

    Conversations with an internal pollster for Obama…

    Bumped and promoted from the diaries. — ErickI have an interesting story to relay that took place earlier this week between my boss (a senior VP in the company I work for) and one of the Obama campaigns’ internal pollsters. Just to note, my boss is a republican and was meeting the Obama rep over lunch for other reasons. Politics obviously came up due to | Read More »

    Why voters think Obama won the debate

    All the insta polls showed that Obama won by a large margin. Why is this the case? It’s because McCain treated Obama as an acceptable equal and gave him way too much respect. Instead of calling him a socialist who doesn’t share mainstream American values, McCain limited his critiques to some policies but did not go for the jugular. Instead of pointing out how Obama’s | Read More »

    Mccain Miserably Failing

    John Mccain had in the bag! Everything was going smooth until Sarah Palin opened her chops. Im a fan and supporter of Mccain and Palin. Although her remarks about forein policy were not smart whatsoever. Mccain should of told her to just be quiet and give general answers that neither help her nor hurt her. Am i wrong?

    Bomb Fox News With Emails

    Many of you have already commented on the Fox News after-debate panel; High On Obama. I expect there was some Obama Cool-Aid in the Green Room tonight. Not ONE of these stuffed geniuses credited McCain for his strong performance. Nor, did they rebuke Obama for not distancing himself from the “racism” remarks his supporters made about McCain/Palin. This was the most disgraceful performance I have | Read More »

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    Why post-debate spin and post-debate polls are irrelevant–and why McCain triumphed in this debate

    First of all, let’s get this out of the way: anybody in this country who takes their cues on how to vote from the opinions put forth by media pundits is ALREADY an Obama voter.Further, anybody who takes their cues on how to vote from polling is also a lost cause–they’d have already gone to Obama based on things like the CBS/NYT and Newsweek polls, | Read More »

    Did anyone else think Frank Luntz’s “undecided” group was a little fishy?

    I don’t buy it. Senator McCain had Obama on the ropes all night. Senator McCain had a commanding presence throughout the evening. He got some incredible uppercuts in and Barry looked like the cat that just ate the bird when he was trying to smile his way through the pain. That smile and his stuttering nuanced responses on a variety of subjects was not impressive. | Read More »


    McCain blew it tonight

    Yes, he did better than the last two debates. But given how dismal his past performances were, that’s not saying much. He did do well in the beginning but began slipping and also missed several CRUCIAL opportunities. First, he never attacked obama’s “cutting taxes for 95% of Americans” lie. Obama has repeated that so many times without rebuttal that most people actually believe it. McCain | Read More »