Solution: Sepuku

    According to the urban dictionary: Sepuku is the act of commiting Honorable Suicide. A defeated samurai warrior would kill himself before allowing his opponent the honor of finishing him off. Also See: HaraKiri. Urban Dictionary Minutes from now the final debate will start. McCain, who has spent much of the past year digging a hole will now switch his shovel to “reverse” against a confident | Read More »

    A Winning Road for McCain to travel

    Tonight, at some point, McCain should say the following. He would undoubtedly solidify a victory… *Throughout my career I have tried to conduct myself with honor and accountability. Along the way, I have met some people with sub-standard principles, I have seen some organizations with horrendous ethics and I have come across many policies with terrible agendas. My instinct was always the same, country first, | Read More »

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    I’m John McCain

    My fellow Americans, I have spent my life in service to this nation that I love. I was willing to die to protect her and I remain endlessly committed to her in all ways. Following my time in the military I entered Congress and have spent the last twenty years of my life proving that I am committed to the success of her citizens and | Read More »


    What McCain Needs to Say During the Debate

    Also, if I don’t hear at least a few of these lines, I think I may throw up in disgust. 1) Don’t let the Obama “Republican de-regulation caused this mess” lie to stand. Respond that Bill Clinton signed the deregulation bill that Obama’s referring to and Joe Biden voted for the bill. Secondly, McCain should say

    Debate Night! And Some Notes On Long Island

    Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay – Home of John McCain’s hero, Teddy Roosevelt Contrary to popular opinion, John McCain does not need to score a so-called knockout tonight. He simply needs to be on message, and passionately so: Barack Obama is an unqualified tax-and-spender, who has displayed incredibly bad judgment in his associations, which range from the hard left to the corrupt. He has no experience | Read More »

    Bill Ayers will be at tonight’s debate. (Alas, only spiritually.)

    Columnist Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune might have finally found the ultimate rebuttal for our “Barry -hearts- terrorists” line of attack: Neither Ayers nor his wife was espousing or practicing terrorist acts in the 1990s when Obama met them. They haven’t committed or advocated violent protest since the early 1970s. Then again, I have not heard the claim that Ayers is a practicing terrorist; | Read More »

    Mavrick McCain

    John McCain needs to take a rule out of Palin’s playbook. Answer questions quickly, direct and short, and then use the rest of the time left on the clock to relay a message to the American people. Let it be known by saying “my friends I have come here to defend my country and its historical traditions along with the constitution of American, the media | Read More »

    John McCain Take Control Of The Debate

    Many in the main stream are calling tonight’s debate between John McCain and Barack Obama , McCain’s last stand. Once again they are saying that McCain needs a knockout blow or all is lost and Obama wins the Presidency. Even many who are conservatives see tonight as McCain’s Alamo and unless he blows Obama away with the so called knockout blow it’s over. While I | Read More »

    Appeal to Americans As Americans

    When Sarah Palin mentioned self-responsiblility during her debate, Frank Lunz’s (sp?) whatchyamacallit devices (record-o-meters?)moved to the highest levels of approval not matched at any other time during the debate. Senator McCain has tried to appeal to the hard working Americans by complementing us, acknowledging our work ethic. So far, he has not connected. I believe he needs to look America in the eye tonight and | Read More »

    Bring up abortion during the debate

    I have been so frustrated that abortion has not come up in the last few debates. It is and will remain a huge issue. It is one of the things that put Bush into the White House twice, even after the blunders he made during his first term. It is one of the reasons why when John McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate, | Read More »

    Who is the Real Barack Obama?

    If Senator John McCain wants to win the white house he cannot continue to wait for the MSM to give him permission to question Barack Obama’s associations and patriotism. We don’t know for sure where Obama wants to take America because he refuses to share his plans with the rest of the country. The MSM for its part refuses to care and question. I suggest | Read More »

    Possible bright spot of McCain losing

    With the way the race is looking, unless McCain obliterates Obama in tomorrow’s debate, ala Reagan 1980 or Clinton 1992, or if there is a devastating October Surprise, Obama will be the next president. So how should conservatives deal with this? One possible silver lining is that if he moves too far to the left, regarding taxes or social issues, republicans will regain congress in | Read More »

    Dear Senator McCain

    Dear Senator McCain: We know that the MSM will not ask Senator Obama any meaningful, substantive questions. You sir, respectfully, must therefore use tomorrow night’s debate to ask Mr. Obama the questions. As is good debate practice, you msut pre-empt his answers by anticipating what Mr. Obama might say, and by stating why such an answer is not acceptable. The American people are fed up | Read More »

    Debate Preview: McCain Must Enter Fray With American Message

    On Wednesday, October 15, John McCain must bring his ‘A’ game — by that I mean, not his ‘best’ game, but his ‘American’ game. And, he must be willing to get tough — a notion which his intermittently effective and, then, dismal campaign seemingly hasn’t mastered. McCain will never win this presidential election by trying to match the quixotic campaign of Barack Obama — for | Read More »

    How McCain can dominate the last debate

    McCain still needs a game-changing performance in the debate to change the course of this campaign towards a McCain-Palin victory. Most everyone on this web site probably watched the debates thus far, felt McCain clobbered Obama, but the fact remains the polls have not reflected that. McCain could continue as he has been, be right, and still not win this election. I certainly do not | Read More »