Mccain Miserably Failing

    John Mccain had in the bag! Everything was going smooth until Sarah Palin opened her chops. Im a fan and supporter of Mccain and Palin. Although her remarks about forein policy were not smart whatsoever. Mccain should of told her to just be quiet and give general answers that neither help her nor hurt her. Am i wrong?

    Bomb Fox News With Emails

    Many of you have already commented on the Fox News after-debate panel; High On Obama. I expect there was some Obama Cool-Aid in the Green Room tonight. Not ONE of these stuffed geniuses credited McCain for his strong performance. Nor, did they rebuke Obama for not distancing himself from the “racism” remarks his supporters made about McCain/Palin. This was the most disgraceful performance I have | Read More »

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    Why post-debate spin and post-debate polls are irrelevant–and why McCain triumphed in this debate

    First of all, let’s get this out of the way: anybody in this country who takes their cues on how to vote from the opinions put forth by media pundits is ALREADY an Obama voter.Further, anybody who takes their cues on how to vote from polling is also a lost cause–they’d have already gone to Obama based on things like the CBS/NYT and Newsweek polls, | Read More »

    Did anyone else think Frank Luntz’s “undecided” group was a little fishy?

    I don’t buy it. Senator McCain had Obama on the ropes all night. Senator McCain had a commanding presence throughout the evening. He got some incredible uppercuts in and Barry looked like the cat that just ate the bird when he was trying to smile his way through the pain. That smile and his stuttering nuanced responses on a variety of subjects was not impressive. | Read More »


    McCain blew it tonight

    Yes, he did better than the last two debates. But given how dismal his past performances were, that’s not saying much. He did do well in the beginning but began slipping and also missed several CRUCIAL opportunities. First, he never attacked obama’s “cutting taxes for 95% of Americans” lie. Obama has repeated that so many times without rebuttal that most people actually believe it. McCain | Read More » Poll Fixed

    I tried to vote that McCain won the debate for 10 minutes and it would NOT go through. I changed the answer to “Neither” and it went through immediately.This is complete nonsense, I am so sick of the f*ing media.

    Presidential Debate at Hofstra

    John McCain did an amzing job yet again! Senator McCain did a great job letting the public know where he stands and his admirable moral character. Obama was a disappointment yet again, he did not effectively disprove his ties to Bill Ayers or ACORN, he was also unbelievably disrespectful because he was chuckling while Senator McCain was speaking.

    what programs will obama cut?…..

    subsidies to medicare and programs that don’t work. then he goes on to discuss what he is spending money on. Thats it?Obama can’t even answer a question. It drives me crazy!!!!Man, Sen. McCain is truly fighting tonight. It’s painfully obvious that Obamamie is just not on the same level as Sen. McCain. There is simply no comparing the two.

    Solution: Sepuku

    According to the urban dictionary:Sepuku is the act of commiting Honorable Suicide. A defeated samurai warrior would kill himself before allowing his opponent the honor of finishing him off. Also See: HaraKiri.Urban DictionaryMinutes from now the final debate will start. McCain, who has spent much of the past year digging a hole will now switch his shovel to “reverse” against a confident Barack Obama. But | Read More »

    A Winning Road for McCain to travel

    Tonight, at some point, McCain should say the following. He would undoubtedly solidify a victory…*Throughout my career I have tried to conduct myself with honor and accountability. Along the way, I have met some people with sub-standard principles, I have seen some organizations with horrendous ethics and I have come across many policies with terrible agendas. My instinct was always the same, country first, these | Read More »

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    I’m John McCain

    My fellow Americans, I have spent my life in service to this nation that I love. I was willing to die to protect her and I remain endlessly committed to her in all ways. Following my time in the military I entered Congress and have spent the last twenty years of my life proving that I am committed to the success of her citizens and | Read More »


    What McCain Needs to Say During the Debate

    Also, if I don’t hear at least a few of these lines, I think I may throw up in disgust. 1) Don’t let the Obama “Republican de-regulation caused this mess” lie to stand. Respond that Bill Clinton signed the deregulation bill that Obama’s referring to and Joe Biden voted for the bill. Secondly, McCain should say

    Debate Night! And Some Notes On Long Island

    Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay – Home of John McCain’s hero, Teddy RooseveltContrary to popular opinion, John McCain does not need to score a so-called knockout tonight. He simply needs to be on message, and passionately so: Barack Obama is an unqualified tax-and-spender, who has displayed incredibly bad judgment in his associations, which range from the hard left to the corrupt. He has no experience in | Read More »

    Bill Ayers will be at tonight’s debate. (Alas, only spiritually.)

    Columnist Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune might have finally found the ultimate rebuttal for our “Barry -hearts- terrorists” line of attack:Neither Ayers nor his wife was espousing or practicing terrorist acts in the 1990s when Obama met them. They haven’t committed or advocated violent protest since the early 1970s.Then again, I have not heard the claim that Ayers is a practicing terrorist; rather, the | Read More »

    Mavrick McCain

    John McCain needs to take a rule out of Palin’s playbook. Answer questions quickly, direct and short, and then use the rest of the time left on the clock to relay a message to the American people. Let it be known by saying “my friends I have come here to defend my country and its historical traditions along with the constitution of American, the media | Read More »