Dear Senator McCain

    Dear Senator McCain: We know that the MSM will not ask Senator Obama any meaningful, substantive questions. You sir, respectfully, must therefore use tomorrow night’s debate to ask Mr. Obama the questions. As is good debate practice, you msut pre-empt his answers by anticipating what Mr. Obama might say, and by stating why such an answer is not acceptable. The American people are fed up | Read More »

    Debate Preview: McCain Must Enter Fray With American Message

    On Wednesday, October 15, John McCain must bring his ‘A’ game — by that I mean, not his ‘best’ game, but his ‘American’ game. And, he must be willing to get tough — a notion which his intermittently effective and, then, dismal campaign seemingly hasn’t mastered. McCain will never win this presidential election by trying to match the quixotic campaign of Barack Obama — for | Read More »

    How McCain can dominate the last debate

    McCain still needs a game-changing performance in the debate to change the course of this campaign towards a McCain-Palin victory. Most everyone on this web site probably watched the debates thus far, felt McCain clobbered Obama, but the fact remains the polls have not reflected that. McCain could continue as he has been, be right, and still not win this election. I certainly do not | Read More »

    Attn: Senator McCain (For the Final Debate)

    Senator McCain: I thank you for unleashing Sarah Palin and going after your opponent’s dubious connections (ACORN, Ayers, Raines, etc.). These attacks, however, are not enough. The swing voters and others are focusing on their pockets and the declining value of their investments. They are bombarded constantly with doom and gloom from the mainstream media, who also sing the praises of your opponent, Senator Obama. | Read More »

    Am I the ONLY one in this country who heard it?

    Was I the Only one in this country to hear it? In the 2nd pres debate Obama should have lost every voter over the age of 50. Yet no one in the media or anywhere else have I found even a mention. First question out the gate concerned retirees & living off dwindling Social Security, Savings, and investments. Neither candidate answered. Then the question of | Read More »

    What don’t you know and how will you learn it?

    The last question of Tuesday’s debate was submitted by Peggy Silva, a high school teacher from Amherst, New Hampshire. The question was “What don’t you know and how will you learn it?” According to today’s Nashua Telegraph: Tom Brokaw is a friend of Silva’s daughter’s father-in-law, who e-mailed Brokaw right away to tell him who asked the final question. Small world? Silva also has been | Read More »

    Debate’s Crucial Moment

    Most Americans may have missed the most crucial moment in the October 7 debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. Moderator Tom Brokaw asked a question that was submitted by a citizen: “Is health care in America a privilege, a right, or a responsibility?” McCain responded: “I think it’s a responsibility, in this respect, in that we should have available and affordable health care to | Read More »

    Senator McCain’s Homeownership Resurgence Plan

    Senator McCain sent an email out to supporters describing in more detail the Homeownership Resurgence Plan he alluded to during this week’s Presidential debate. The plan sounds reasonable. As I understand it, rather than taxpayers footing the bill for failed mortgages, the government would purchase failing, bloated mortgages that are about to be foreclosed. The mortgages would then be rewritten on more affordable terms, and | Read More »

    Debate: McCain Fails to Hit Economic Softball

    Two weeks ago, John McCain’s campaign went on hiatus, claiming that Senator McCain’s place was back in Washington, D.C. to address the nation’s credit crisis. With little explanation as to what exactly Senator McCain hoped to accomplish, he retreated to Northern Virginia at the height of a presidential campaign.

    McCain Take Off The Gloves!

    As a conservative it is unfortunate Obama won the debate. I am appalled at Obama yet disappointed with McCain for a few reasons. When speaking of the economy Obama talks with both sides of his mouth. He wants to create jobs but wants to tax job creators. You can’t have it both ways. The people who by the sweat of their labors build companies and | Read More »

    My Admin’s view of the debate

    My Admin stopped into my office to ask a question about the debate: “I stopped watching last night, because neither of them would answer the questions, then kept slinging mud at each other. But could you explain this McCain healthcare proposal?” Chalk up another vote for McCain on Nov 4th. His plan vs. Obama’s connected with her. She has a 22 year old in college | Read More »

    World Series of Poker- Debate Style

    Ante up. Place your blinds. Defend your blinds. Bluff. Tilt. Phil Helmuth at the final table, the self-proclaimed best No-Limit Hold-em player in the world, in a hand with a young talented internet poker player. Phil gets slammed on a stone cold bluff. Phil goes on tilt, naturally. Just like Obama last night and just like his final month of the campaign, Obama is ON | Read More »

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    Why Obama Lost the Election Last Night!

    I firmly believe Obama lost the election last night. Here’s why: Obama was the one in need of the game changing moment, not McCain. In fact, I think everyone, but Karl Rove, seems to be viewing this debate in exactly the opposite way that it is actually playing out. There are several underlying points that are as plain as day, but no one seems to | Read More »

    Well the NRO crowd have thrown in the towel

    I’m reminded of watching the 5 stages of grief. The NRO folks are well past bargaining, and are now in the anger stage. Soon they will settle into acceptance. Oh look! We have more than a few of they same types here. Here is Andy McCarthy on last night’s debate: With due respect, I think tonight was a disaster for our side. I’m dumbfounded that | Read More »

    Brokaw sucks

    Brokaw lost his credibilty with american people last night. I did not hear one question of substnace that should have and would have come out if there was no moderator. Your going to tell me that people only wanted to ask questions about things they hear about in every stump speech.I have a hard time swallowing that none of these questions was wanting to be | Read More »